4 major US banks tap A2iA for check verification, fraud detection solution

A2iA Corp., a developer of AI- and machine learning-based software for data capture, document processing, and payment systems, has announced deals with four of the largest U.S.-based retail banks.

According to a press release, the banks will integrate a2ia CheckReader, a check-processing toolkit, to analyze check stock and characteristics stored in the identity record.

A2ia CheckReader's verification and fraud detection capabilities help reveal alterations and other counterfeits that can be difficult for the human eye to see, and can result in millions of dollars lost every year by banks, the release said.

A flexible, scalable SDK, a2ia CheckReader can be integrated into complete solutions to locate and extract key fields on checks from around the world, and to analyze the image quality and usability.

"Since A2iA's founding more than 26 years ago, we have been focused on ways to analyze checks and other financial documents, helping to automate this process and to reduce the cost of fraud," Jean-Louis Fages, A2iA president and chairman of the board, said in the release. "Our R&D team continues to be focused on this space with each product release. As the fraudsters become more advanced, so must our software."

A2ia CheckReader is used by eight of the top 10 U.S.-based banks, 90 percent of French banks, 90 percent of Brazilian banks, and 100 percent of U.K. banks, the release said.

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