Managing ATM networks in the age of disruption: Head, not hype

Issues such as falling cash demand and branch closures could present a challenge to ATM deployers. They'll need to use their heads to sort out the real-world problems from the exaggerated predictions and come up with a sound approach to fleet management.

In for the long haul: 13 things an FI needs in a fintech partner

Much has been written about the need for partnerships between banks and fintechs, but success can occur only if the partners work together with a shared commitment to overcoming the inevitable challenges ahead.

7 reasons to migrate to Windows 10 — and 60 minutes to get you started

A Nov. 9 webinar offered a list of reasons why migration to Windows 10 is an FI's best competitive move, and looked under the hood at the operating system, conversion functionality and licensing requirements, migration timelines, and consumer experience.

Cardtronics sets out on troubled waters as CEO signs off

As market shifts challenge the brand's earnings model, Steve Rathgaber made the last earnings presentation of his 8-year tenure at the helm of Cardtronics, and expressed confidence that the leadership team he's built will carry on to find a profitable way forward.

The ATM world is in for a seismic shift ... Are you ready?

The speed and magnitude of the recent changes seen in major Western ATM markets cannot be overstated. It will likely be the ability to quickly adapt — or not — that will determine the winners and the losers among independent ATM deployers.

Three quarters, no change in ATM outlook for Diebold Nixdorf

In Q3, ATM sales continued a downward trend that CEO Andy Mattes said would most likely continue until midyear 2018. In the meantime, the company is focusing on software and services, business segments that are generating double-digit sales increases, and moving forward with initiatives to integrate operations and cut costs.

On the road again: Mapping the migration of your ATM fleet to Windows 10

Just four years after the ATM industry's migration to Windows 7, the next OS upgrade — to Windows 10 — looms two short years away. Join our free Nov. 9 webinar and learn how to achieve a smooth and timely installation that gives your FI the biggest bang for its buck.

My transaction was rejected — and it was a deposit!

"Check rejected for technical reasons," the screen said. What? I had endorsed it correctly and it all looked good, but rejected? Not even accepted and flagged as "pending!"

ATM Marketplace: October Top 5

October's gone and, with it, the clamor and rush of fall conferences and trade shows. Now's the time to catch up on ATM Marketplace features you missed in all the excitement, so grab a leftover bag of M&M's from the trick-or-treat bowl and enjoy the read.

No rabbit in the hat: Q3 ATM orders fail to materialize for NCR

After a quarter that management described as "sobering," the ATM giant was forced to lower revenue expectations for the year and hope for better results in 2018.

Signal or noise?: Deciphering the value of cryptocurrencies

Understanding the potential of blockchain and decentralized applications begins with asking the right questions about what they're for and what gives them value.

Funds disbursement via Visa: A bigger slice of the pie for ATMs?

At Money 20/20 this week, Visa EVP Oliver Jenkyn mapped out growth opportunities that push money the other way — that is, toward the consumer — across the network's rails. It's a scenario that can mean a bigger slice of the pie for the ATM industry, too.

Mobile wallets: In a lull or just another nonstarter?

Is the mobile wallet movement toast? A new study concludes that consumers and merchants might just be taking a break from adopting the technology while they wait for mobile wallet proponents to solve issues involving security and ease of use.

Restoring financial services to communities across the UK

Today, there might be 2,000 or more communities in the U.K. — real places, with real people trying to live their daily lives — without any meaningful local financial services touch points. And the situation is only likely to get worse. So, what is the answer?

Stealth and destruction: How to stop 2 extreme ATM threats

One is silent and unseen, the other is pure shock and awe. Deep insert skimming and explosive attacks are both potentially devastating to an ATM operator's business — and both are migrating around the world faster than you might think.

Not such unlikely partners: How innovation is forging a mobile-ATM alliance

As easy as it might be to perceive a yawning divide between mobile banking and more traditional, physical banking at the branch and ATM, it's becoming increasingly clear that these channels can function in harmony and complement one another.

The whats and whys of EMV noncompliance at merchant-owned ATMs

If you are an IAD or ISO with processing agreements currently in force for independently owned, EMV-noncompliant ATM locations, the $64,000 chargeback question is ... "What are you going to do?"

Weighing the pros and cons of bank app-based mobile payments

There are plenty of upsides and downsides facing a financial institution with plans to forge its own way in mobile payments. Industry executives at last month's Bank Customer Experience Summit in Chicago agreed that FIs should be aware of, and explore, all developments in the industry.

Not just a problem 'over there': The migrating threats of ATM explosive and deep insert skimming attacks

Deep insert skimming, which first took hold in Europe, is now spreading like wildfire in the US. And explosive attacks, once viewed as 'not our problem,' have been carried out against four California ATMs in the past 6 months. What's up with that? Find out — and learn how to protect your own fleet — in a free webinar.

Watch highlights from this year's Bank Customer Experience Summit

Bank executives gathered in Chicago last month to listen to keynotes and panels about evolving consumers' expectations when it comes to their banking relationships.

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