Visa report calculates worldwide cost of off-the-books cash-based economy

More than 23 percent of the world's economy operates outside the purview of governments, with the result that more than $10.7 trillion of economic activity annually goes unreported, according to a new study commissioned by Visa. According to a news...

Antelop white-label NFC-enabled wallet for FIs certified 'Visa Ready'

Antelop, a provider of white label NFC mobile payment solutions to banks and card issuers, has been deemed Visa Ready certified for Visa Token Service as an NFC Issuer Wallet Token Requestor-Token Service Provider. The company joins a global network...

Tweet-storm directed at Visa points out perils of push to cashlessness

Visa made a compelling (and ironic) case for cash over the weekend, when the network when down over a large swath of Europe and the U.K. on Friday just before the lunch hour. The VisaNewsEurope Twitter account reported that: We...

A change in-store? With iZettle buy, PayPal extends its reach in retail payments

A change in-store? With iZettle buy, PayPal extends its reach in retail payments

PayPal's planned purchase of iZettle the "European version of Square," will extend the online payment giant's reach in the retail payments space, particularly into the stores of small and medium-size merchants that traditionally have been the most cash-reliant.

91 percent of US ATMs are EMV-enabled, payments forum reports

The U.S. Payments Forum has released its spring 2018 market snapshot, providing updates on the status of the U.S.

Gemalto contactless biometric Visa card to launch in Lebanon

Gemalto is supplying its Visa biometric contactless EMV bank card to areeba, a financial technology company that provides payment solutions in the Middle East. The pilot project with areeba is being undertaken in conjunction with Unilux Cards, Gemalto's established partner...

EMV adoption in self-service retail: What's taking so long?

EMV adoption in self-service retail: What's taking so long?

EMV compliance is a process that self-service equipment operators need to follow any time a new combination of payment device, software and gateway/processor is created.

US ATM operators petition Visa to lift DCC prohibition

The National ATM Council has sent a formal public petition to Visa on behalf of consumers and the U.S. ATM industry seeking elimination of network rules that prohibit ATM operators in the United States from providing dynamic currency conversion services...

Visa charts 70 percent drop in card present fraud post-EMV

Visa has published EMV chip card statistics for December, and they show that the technology has made major inroads since the company's first liability shift went into effect in October 2015. Between September 2015, one month before the shift, and...

Visa launches pilot test of biometric EMV cards

Visa has initiated the first commercial test of an EMV dual-interface payment card with on-card biometric ID, according to a press release. Tests will begin in early 2018 at the Bank of Cyprus and Mountain America Credit Union, as Visa...

Visa boards the signature-free EMV bandwagon at last

Visa has now joined the other major card networks in eliminating the signature requirement for consumer purchases made in the U.S. with an EMV-enabled Visa-branded payment card. The company announced this week in a press release that a customer signature will become optional as of April.

Visa, Dynamics unveil multifeature wallet card

Visa Inc. and Dynamics Inc., an intelligent card developer, have unveiled the Dynamics Wallet Card, a connected payment card slated for availability early this year, according to a press release. The Visa-branded version of the wallet card is the same...

AmEx scraps signatures, leaves Visa as sole holdout

American Express has said that starting in April it will no longer require a cardholder signature for transactions at the point of sale anywhere in the world. This announcement follows similar statements by MasterCard and Discover, though AmEx will be...

Got a Garmin? Get cardless ATM cash via Visa

Technology provider Garmin International Inc. and NXT-ID Inc.

TSS intros hardware encryption support for mobile wallets

Trusted Security Solutions Inc., developer of the A98 ATM key management system, now supports FIs and card issuers with hardware encryption for mobile wallet applications. TSS provides all of the subsystem components and programming for encryption required by VISA and...

Maestro, Electron give way to MasterCard, Visa in Europe

Bankcard issuers in Europe are upgrading cards from Maestro and Electron — particularly debit cards — to MasterCard and Visa, taking advantage of the wider acceptance the latter brands now enjoy worldwide, according to the RBR report, Global Payment Cards...

Funds disbursement via Visa: A bigger slice of the pie for ATMs?

Funds disbursement via Visa: A bigger slice of the pie for ATMs?

At Money 20/20 this week, Visa EVP Oliver Jenkyn mapped out growth opportunities that push money the other way — that is, toward the consumer — across the network's rails. It's a scenario that can mean a bigger slice of the pie for the ATM industry, too.

Industry petitions Visa to end prohibition of DCC at US ATMs

The National ATM Council Inc., on behalf of the U.S. ATM industry, has launched a petition drive requesting that Visa authorize dynamic currency conversion at ATMs in the United States.

Visa ID Intelligence promises smarter, faster customer authentication

Visa has launched Visa ID Intelligence, a platform that lets issuers, acquirers and merchants quickly adopt emerging authentication technologies, according to a press release. Available through Visa Developer Platform, Visa ID Intelligence offers a curated selection of third-party authentication technologies...

Europe leads the way in digital banking, payments

The uptake of mobile devices to manage money, conduct banking and make payments is greater than ever in Europe as 77 percent of Europeans now use their mobile devices to keep track of their finances and make everyday payments that...

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