New coalition to develop wireless ATM standards

| by Jim Ghiglieri
New coalition to develop wireless ATM standards

Wireless technology is a part of most American consumers’ everyday lives. This convenient and innovative technology is no doubt here to stay, and its reach is definitely felt in the ATM industry.

Wireless ATMs, although previously used mostly for temporary or event locations, are increasingly used in permanent locations, including convenience and retail stores and hotels.

Of course, as wireless ATMs become more prevalent, the need emerges for standardized connectivity and security for these devices. Three ATM wireless tech companies have come together to create a new alliance to institute streamlined guidelines for wirelessly connected ATMs.

Contour Networks, The DPL Group and OptConnect recently announced the formation of the ATM Connectivity Coalition. The coalition hopes to introduce standards that will facilitate a strong, secure transaction environment. The alliance’s objective is to do this without resting significant security compliance responsibility on ATM operators and instead place the compliance burden on network providers.

"The mission of the coalition is to advance, protect and promote secure connectivity solutions for the financial transactions industry through education and advocacy, in addition to the establishment of standards," said a press release announcing the coalition.

Wireless is looking to be the new standard for ATM connectivity with deployment poised to grow over coming years. This will be especially true once new standards are developed and implemented, further enhancing wireless ATM reliability and security. It’s worthwhile for community financial institutions to educate themselves on this growing trend and consider how it will impact their own future ATM strategy.

The evolution to wireless will continue and dial-up connections will become obsolete. FIs eventually will have an internal Internet connection for their on-premises ATMs, which will be inexpensive, fast and secure. In addition, wireless will be the preferred solution when it comes to off-premises ATMs, as well.

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Topics: Security, Wireless

Companies: Contour Networks, DPL, OptConnect

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