ATMIA email alerts keep recipients current on legislation, regulations

| by David Tente
ATMIA email alerts keep recipients current on legislation, regulations

There is an old truism that goes something like this: There are many things you don’t know anything about that you deal with and work around every day. But it’s the things you don’t know that you don’t know that can get you into the most trouble.

Everyone in America knows that “ignorance of the law is no excuse.” It is drummed into us beginning with elementary school civics class.

But the reality is that, unless you spend a huge chunk of your time sifting through every new law and regulation in every state where you operate, you might not know something that could affect your business.

This is why the ATM Industry Association monitors laws and regulations. The Stateside Associates Compliance and Regulatory Alert Service, which ATMIA offers at no charge to members, provides timely updates on new laws, compliance requirements and regulations that affect the ATM industry — including areas such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, surcharges, signage, licensing, taxes on fees, government assistance, availability of funds, overdrafts, and interchange. 

Regulatory alerts and monitoring

The regulatory alert service keeps members up to date with new compliance mandates in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia by providing an alert when new regulations are posted to state registers. The alerts, which ATMIA members can have sent to them via email, include summaries of new rules and links to relevant information.

Legislative alerts and monitoring

Another benefit to ATMIA members is the ability to keep up with proposed legislation in 11 key states selected by the ATMIA Governmental Relations Committee: California; Connecticut; Florida; Illinois; Iowa; Maryland; Massachusetts; Minnesota; New Jersey; New York and Washington. The portal allows members to search for legislation by state, issue or status of legislation, and includes a summary of the bill, its sponsor, current status, history and outlook — all prepared by attorneys with experience in researching local, state and federal laws.

Members can view a detailed report on the Web portal for each regulatory or legislative alert. Detailed reports can be downloaded and the user can also take advantage of the comment feature, which allows direct communication with the ATMIA legal team. To subscribe to the email alert service, simply send an email to

Current State Laws

The third section of the portal provides details of current ATM licensing requirements by state. This includes a summary of the state law, as well as information about the licensing agency and links to statutes and codes. It also provides information on topics that are of particular interest to ATM deployers, such as ADA, signage, security requirements, overdraft notification, and the rules for government programs such as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and Electronic Benefits Transfer.

Keeping you up to date on new laws and regulations is an important priority for ATMIA — because what you don't know could affect your business. 

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David Tente
David Tente is executive director of ATMIA’s US chapter and comments on ATM industry issues and events from a broad U.S. regional perspective. www

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