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Posts for the atmAToM blog are contributed by a collective of writers from Triton Systems and ATMGurus — seasoned ATM pros who thought they might like to share a few things they've learned during the last 30 years in the ...

Latest: The war on plastic
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Bernardo Batiz-Lazo

Bátiz-Lazo is Departmental Chair in Business History and Bank Management at Bangor University, Wales. He has written about ATMs for publication, been a guest on BBC Radio, and spoken at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City and the ATMIA ...

Latest: The ATM at 50: Still evolving ... or slipping toward extinction?
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Bryan Bauer


Latest: EMV liability shift for ATMs: Are you feeling lucky?
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Marc Borbas

Marc is vice president of marketing at INETCO Systems Limited, a leading expert in business transaction management software for the financial services and payments industry.

Latest: Gaining visibility where appliance-based instrumentation fails

Richard Buckle

Richard Buckle is the founder and CEO of Pyalla Technologies LLC. He has enjoyed a long association with the IT industry as a user, vendor, and more recently, as an industry commentator.

Latest: The traditional branch: Not everyone's 'piece of cake'
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Brendan Burge

Brendan Burge is a career marketing and sales professional whose experience spans both currency supply chain management and radio and television broadcasting. For the past 16 years Brendan has focused on cultivating his experience in central bank, cash vault, retail ...

Latest: The battle of the bands

Kevin Christensen

Kevin Christensen oversees Shazam’s audit and compliance programs as well as its risk management program, which includes fraud operations and chargebacks. He joined Shazam in 2004 and has served as vice president of audit since 2008.

Latest: Low-income households pump money into retailer wallets
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Suzanne Cluckey

Suzanne’s editorial career has spanned three decades and encompassed all B2B and B2C communications formats. Her award-winning work has appeared in trade and consumer media in the United States and internationally. She is now the editor of and

Latest: An ITC ruling for Hyosung brings the patent bout with Diebold right back to a draw
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Ron Delnevo

Ron created the U.K. IAD Bank Machine in 2003 and led the company until 2012. In March 2014, he took up the role of executive director for the ATM Industry Association in Europe. Ron has a special focus on supporting ...

Latest: Providing cash, replacing the branch: The glorious future of the humble 'hole-in-the-wall'

Sam Ditzion

Sam M. Ditzion is the CEO of Boston-based Tremont Capital Group, Inc., the nation’s leading provider of strategic planning and consulting, research, valuation, litigation support, and mergers and acquisitions advisory services to the ATM industry, overall self-service sector, and all ...

Latest: Recent demand letters regarding Massachusetts surcharge stickers and receipts

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