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Webinar: ATM Software Trends

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June 14, 2012

Ten years ago, the idea of running a single software application across a variety of ATMs was considered revolutionary. Today, multivendor software is the norm and channel integration is the next revolution. And as always, cost reduction, uptime, and an enhanced consumer experience figure as essentials in any software selection.

In this Webinar, Steve Hensley from KAL will talk about trends in ATM software that are changing the experience from both the deployer and the user points of view.

Hensley will discuss key findings from the 2012 ATM Software Trends Guide produced by KAL and ATM Marketplace and show how they can be applied to help financial services providers map their IT strategy into the near future,

The webinar will look at factors that every FI should consider in a software decision, including:

  • Identifying the primary drivers in the decision to change  software;
  • Growing momentum toward channel integration;
  • Assessing the choices in software upgrades: license  and modify, develop in-house, or rely on a hardware or  software vendor for program development and  maintenance;
  • Assessing the future direction of the OS environment;
  • Using software to identify and control fraud;
  • Preparing for EMV implementation on the IT side.

KAL ATM Software

KAL is the world's leading independent supplier of ATM, Kiosk and Bank Branch software. KAL's extensive experience across all aspects of the market as well as partnerships with the majority of the major players places it at the forefront of the retail banking delivery software providers.

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