Mobey Forum seeks to help FIs understand mobile options

A white paper by the forum analyzes the impact of the secure element and the role of third parties, as well as current acceptance status and business models.


The top 6 reasons why FIs should brand ATMs

Customization leads to increased awareness and revenue-generating opportunities at a time when FIs must use every channel to build their brand.

The FI’s opportunity in a mobile payments world

As mobile banking and payments converge, financial institutions have the benefit of one critical advantage over non-FI competitors: customer trust.

Power couple: ATM and mobile

Mobile devices are becoming ATM-access tools, able to offer many of the display and keyboard functions currently available on the self-service device.

April's top ATM reads

A piece on corporate earnings; a couple of pieces on security; a couple pieces on ATM innovation — all of these cropped up in the ATM Marketplace top five for the month.

Is your bank missing the payoffs of surcharge-free ATMs?

Fees are the No. 1 reason why consumers change FIs, and ATM fees are especially despised. Here are two ways to cut ATM fees and encourage consumer stickiness.

Internal ATM cash theft: The toughest temptation

How can we better design ATMs and their security systems to reduce the opportunity — and the rewards — for internal theft?

Why the paper ATM receipt isn't going extinct

In the rush to go digital, FIs must not alienate the important segment of their customer base that still values paper ATM receipts.

How an ATM processor mined transaction data to increase profitability

A March 31 webinar will explain how one payment processor used end-to-end transaction visibility to extract greater returns from its network.

How does Apple Pay lead to more fraud?

Crooks have been using a surprisingly low tech tactic to worm their way around Apple Pay's tokenization and biometric safeguards.

How to attract accounts (and keep them) with mobile card services

In a mobile banking world, the place to be is top-of-wallet. A March 26 webinar will share insights on how to get there — and stay there.

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Proxama to provide EMV migration, card management solution for NFCU

The company says its platform will support both instant issuance and lifecycle management for the EMV debit card portfolio of Navy Federal Credit Union.

New weatherized ATM delivers full functionality in small footprint

NCR Corp. and Wells Fargo have collaborated to design and develop the industry's first full-function weatherized ATM for exterior walk-up environments.

Report: Omnichannel banking lessons learned

A new report from Mercator considers how implementation of the omnichannel model can be inhibited — or enabled — by data management and synchronization.

Wincor, AutoRek partner on ATM cash reconciliation deal

Under the agreement, UK-based AutoRek will implement its reconciliation software and provide reports for a Wincor banking customer.

Randolph-Brooks FCU builds service footprint with branded ATMs

Dolphin Debit has helped the FCU increase its visibility with a dozen newly branded ATM locations over the past year.

Chase to convert 70 pct. of cards from mag-stripe to chip by year end

A study by the company has found that 65 percent of consumers still don't know what a chip card is, however.

Nautilus Hyosung America claims top spot in US ATM market share

Recent growth — particularly in the financial services space — has boosted its total US market share to 29 percent, the company says.

Positive results prompt German FI to add more cash recycling ATMs

Berliner Volksbank is adding more Cineo cash recycling ATMs at high-traffic branches, and converting standard ATMs to enable cash recycling at other branches, Wincor Nixdorf says.

Robotic solution helps Japanese FI with heavy (cash) lifting

'Lift with the knees' is only one part of the solution for aging employees at the bank's cash delivery facility; the second part is provided by a new glute-boosting device.

Indian payments players march forward on EMV transition

EMV processing infrastructure is in place and banks have been instructed to issue only chip-based cards beginning Sept. 1.

Tampa Bay bank takes it to the streets

The C1 Bankmobile — featuring Diebold ATMs and in-lobby teller machine — will be rolled out for disaster recovery, sports events and community education.

Karnataka Bank, FIS introduce the 'e-lobby' to Indian accountholders

Bank customers will be able to carry out most branch transactions outside of business hours using the self-service e-lobby.

Wincor, BAWAG collaborate on cardless ATM withdrawal solution

The service includes an added component that allows the customer to withdraw a sum in excess of the usual ATM limit.

Nautilus Hyosung marks first US implementation of ATM cash recycling

As part of its branch transformation effort, Flushing Bank will implement the MX8800 solution, a staff-assisted device with cash recycling capability.

Oriental, Sharenet undertake major ATM fleet expansion in Puerto Rico

The addition of 85 newly branded units will increase Oriental Bank's ATM footprint on the island by 30 percent.

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