Qatar National Bank intros mobile money ATM card in Indonesia

The customer's mobile number serves as a bank account number, and links the mobile ATM card to the country's ATM Bersama network.


In new ATM association, competition takes a back seat to crimefighting

The ATM Security Association for Enhanced Technology asks members to join a common cause against an underworld of uncommonly determined ATM fraudsters and cyberthieves.

Consumers still prefer mix of banking channels

Although the Internet remains consumers' top channel for banking, others — including ATMs and the branch — are regaining ground.

Mobile no longer an 'alternative' channel for FIs

When TEB bank of Turkey introduced transaction prestaging via mobile, it drove customer traffic from the branch to the ATM, reducing the burden on staff and creating a competitive advantage for the FI.

EMV at the ATM: The devil is in the details

For ATM operators, nailing down the details of EMV implementation starts with asking vendors several important questions.

Being prepared: A little extra cash helps!

Being prepared but having the wrong tools doesn't really count for much when trouble truly develops ...

FIs looking to invest in upgraded ATMs, new technology in 2015

EMV readers, e-receipts, touch screens and targeted marketing top the list of ATM features financial institutions want to add, a new report says.

Casing out financial cyber crime: A federal agent's point of view

At BAI Retail Delivery, FBI Special Agent Patrick Geahan described five types of cyber attacks and one mistake that can cost an organization millions.

At BAI Retail Delivery: Redirecting traffic at the branch

In an omnichannel banking session, panelists discussed universal bankers and pods, migrating transactions to self-service devices, and making customers feel comfortable with it all.

New guide offers a comprehensive view of ATM and mobile integration

The free downloadable publication includes 53 pages of survey results, case studies and interviews with innovators in the areas of ATM and mobile channel integration and branch reinvention.

More relevant than ever: The changing face of the ATM

Financial institutions are investing more in high-tech features that appeal to cash-carrying millennials, and that's a great opportunity for IADs.

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Global ATM market expected to approach $22B by 2020

The global ATM market will expand at a compound annual growth rate of 7.6 percent between 2014 and 2020, a new study reports.

Interactive Customer Experience Summit coming to Chicago in June

The conference will focus on technologies such as digital signage, self-service kiosks, mobile and tablets, as well as emerging technologies like beacons, virtual assistants and augmented reality.

Predictive services net 32K hours of additional uptime for Akbank ATMs

The NCR technology has helped the Turkish bank achieve a 10 percent increase in first-visit resolution of ATM issues, the company says.

Source Technologies expands customer base in 2014

The company says it has signed more than 100 new customers in 2014 for its transactional kiosk and magnetic ink character recognition printing solutions.

Symantec to verify applicants seeking to use '.bank' domain

Symantec will verify the eligibility of companies requesting ".bank" domain names, and that the requested domain name complies with fTLD policies.

CheckAlt inks deal to provide ATM item processing for Pennsylvania FI

The company will process items from approximately 47 ATM locations operated by Somerset Trust Company of southwest Pennsylvania.

KeyBank, Cardtronics strike ATM branding deal

The Cleveland-based FI will put its brand on 25 Cardtronics-owned ATMs located at Rite Aid stores in New York state.

CR2, Bank of Sharjah team to intro one of UAE's first Windows 7 ATM networks

The FI has implemented BankWorld from CR2 to facilitate Windows 7 rollout, and subsequently, to manage and monitor its ATM network from a single point.

Hyosung poll finds half of respondents engaged in branch transformation

Banks are investing in advanced technology to reduce costs, increase sales and promote client satisfaction, the ATM-maker says.

Alaska USA FCU doubles ATM footprint via Cardtronics branding deal

The branding agreement covers more than 200 Cardtronics-owned and -operated ATMs at retail locations in Washington state and California's High Desert.

Machete attack on woman at ATM brings little improvement in security

Despite new security rules imposed after a brutal attack in Bangalore, India, many ATMs in the city are said to lack required CCTV cameras, alarm systems and guards.

Scotiabank Mexico adds DCC to 1,500-ATM network

International MasterCard cardholders can now instantly view, select and manage the conversion to their home currency of Mexican peso amounts dispensed at Scotiabank Mexico ATMs.

New ATM software lets FIs create a branded omnichannel user experience

Open, Web-based software architecture allows the coexistence of traditional functions and switch-independent business services in Wincor's ProFlex4 solution.

2015 to be a high-stakes year for ATM attacks, Kaspersky predicts

'The next stage will see attackers compromising the networks of banks and using that level of access to manipulate [ATMs] in real time,' a security expert predicts.

Ecuadorian FI extends service to unbanked with cash-recycling ATMs

The technology will allow Banco del Pacifico to expand into underbanked regions by reducing the frequency and cost of cash replenishment visits.

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