Gunnebo, Transtrack partner in cash management and security enterprise

The companies say they will integrate their products to help others in the supply chain monitor and optimize cash handling in machines ranging from coin deposit units to ATMs.


Casing out financial cyber crime: A federal agent's point of view

At BAI Retail Delivery, FBI Special Agent Patrick Geahan described five types of cyber attacks and one mistake that can cost an organization millions.

Wincor Nixdorf holds steady on annual net sales — with some rebalancing

Hardware and banking sales sagged, but increases in retail and software earnings took up the slack, CEO Eckard Heidloff said in the company's annual press conference.

Jackpotting makes its way to Western Europe's ATMs

Though malware attacks constitute a minority of ATM crimes in Europe, the stealth, speed, criminal finesse — and cash — involved make them particularly worrisome to deployers.

Can the ATM industry stop Tyupkin in its tracks?

ATM Marketplace checked in with security experts around the industry to learn how operators can protect themselves from the latest 'jackpotting' scheme, Tyupkin malware.

Targeted cyberattacks: Lessons learned from a former FBI guy

"You don’t have a malware problem; you have an enemy problem," says Crowdstrike president and former FBI executive assistant director Shawn Henry. He explains further in a video interview.

Not all hackers wear black hats

The news is full of stories about hackers stealing data from retailers, businesses and the government. But they shouldn't all be tarred with the same brush.

6 ATM anti-fraud steps for small FIs

As big banks lock down their systems, small FIs could increasingly fall victim to ATM fraud. Here are effective actions you can take to make sure yours doesn't.

Efficiency or responsiveness? How do you balance your ATM cash supply strategy?

Businesses manage their ATM networks by providing cash where and when customers want it. But they must provide this service efficiently if they are to make a profit.

IADs must improvise to survive: How DCC can help boost revenues

Shrinking interchange, increased competition and growing operational expenses have taken a toll on ATM profitability. But advances in technology can help IADs claw back some of those losses.

'Solid': NCR and Diebold report positive Q2 revenues

In separate earnings calls, CEOs of both NCR and Diebold chose the same term to describe their quarterly revenues, up 8 and 3.7 percent respectively.

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Planfocus software, Wincor Nixdorf to share cash management know-how

Planfocus CPTO software will undergo further development to tie it in with key software products from Wincor Nixdorf.

Predictive services net 32K hours of additional uptime for Akbank ATMs

The NCR technology has helped the Turkish bank achieve a 10 percent increase in first-visit resolution of ATM issues, the company says.

CR2, Bank of Sharjah team to intro one of UAE's first Windows 7 ATM networks

The FI has implemented BankWorld from CR2 to facilitate Windows 7 rollout, and subsequently, to manage and monitor its ATM network from a single point.

UL adds tokenization functionality to Collis Host Test Tool

To support implementation of cloud-based mobile payment solutions, UL has launched a host test tool for tokenization technology.

The paper check: One step closer to extinction?

VerifyValid Mobile Checkbook lets businesses and consumers write, approve, sign, receive and deposit checks directly from their Android-based mobile device.

Scotiabank Mexico adds DCC to 1,500-ATM network

International MasterCard cardholders can now instantly view, select and manage the conversion to their home currency of Mexican peso amounts dispensed at Scotiabank Mexico ATMs.

KAL clocks fastest-ever ATM transaction times in German tests

In tests on machines from three major ATM makers, KAL achieved the fastest times ever recorded — beating even the manufacturers' own transaction times.

New ATM software lets FIs create a branded omnichannel user experience

Open, Web-based software architecture allows the coexistence of traditional functions and switch-independent business services in Wincor's ProFlex4 solution.

Bank of South Pacific gets proactive against fraud

The bank is using an ACI risk management tool that identifies potentially fraudulent transactions and blocks them, if necessary.

Cardtronics settles NFB litigation over ATM accessibility

The company has agreed to establish an 'accessibility center of excellence,' which will develop enhanced voice guidance software for blind customers.

Cost-modeling tool aims to help ATM owners plan future OS migrations

The ATM industry model allows deployers to compare four different migration scenarios from a financial perspective, based on typical cost drivers.

Vietnamese bank accelerates ATM network growth with FIS switch solution

Solving its scalability issues has allowed the bank to expand its ATM network by 100 machines in less than 90 days.

New Ensenta patent addresses RDC 'problem images'

Check Edit Express enables efficient and early editing of problem images submitted via ATM, mobile phone, kiosk or desktop scanner.

Ascert intros simulator-agnostic driver for EMV testing

Using the VersaTest Simulator as its engine, EMV Super Driver serves EMV field 55 data to any existing test simulator.

Aconite, Proxama deal will create one-stop solution for EMV, NFC migration

The companies will offer an end-to-end solution for migration from mag stripe cards to EMV chip cards and token-based contactless mobile NFC systems.

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