Apple Pay awareness, adoption plateau, according to consumer survey

Only 15 percent of respondents who own an iPhone use Apple Pay on a regular basis.

Global payments hub goes boldly into blockchain territory

DH says it is the first industry provider to offer a secure, closed-loop distributed ledger system to connect bank networks, move money in real-time, and improve access to liquidity.

Consumer download, use of mobile banking apps booms in 2015

Malauzai Software says its client banks saw an average expansion of more than 30 percent in active mobile banking users last year.

Euronet sustains growth in 2015 despite depressed exchange rates

The US-based company, which operates principally in Europe, fought currency headwinds that turned double-digit increases into single-digit ones for the year.

Wincor to shareholders: 'Take the deal'

A joint reasoned statement from the Wincor Nixdorf management and supervisory boards calls the Diebold offer 'appropriate and fair.'

NCR raises alarm over ATM network cable skimming

The company says it has received 'reliable reports' of attacks on ATMs using external devices plugged into the network cables, but says they're easily prevented.

Time to get cash? Check your smartwatch

The direct-banking FI has added a feature for Android smartwatches that directs the user to the nearest ATM or cash-back store.

India's Quatrro gets the nod as VisaNet third-party processor

The company says it can now connect directly to VisaNet and provide issuer and acquirer card processing services to VISA clients including FIs, merchants and others worldwide.

ATMIA encourages legislators to rein in Operation Choke Point

In meetings on Capitol Hill, industry representatives spoke about the misuse of the anti-money laundering law, and the onerous burden that would accompany other proposed regulations.

European banks move toward instant payments infrastructure

EBA Clearing, which is owned by 53 banks in Europe, plans to develop a pan-European real-time payments product by the end of 2017.

Bawag, Wincor re-up end-to-end support agreement

Under a five-year extension, the company will maintain and manage software for 1,200 systems in the bank's self-service delivery channel.

Harvard paper calls for elimination of high-value bank notes

Phasing out the U.S. $100 bill, the 500 euro note, the British 50 pound note, and the Swiss $1,000 franc note would disrupt criminal activity, the author says.

Arca acquires French cash processing system manufacturer

The acquisition of Traidis will present new market opportunities for Arca in France, the company says.

Diebold initiates voluntary takeover offer for Wincor shares

The offer is subject to a minimum acceptance threshold of approximately two-thirds of all existing Wincor shares.

PayPal tackles 'old money' in Super Bowl 50 TV spot

The company says that its 'new money' campaign, which will run throughout 2016, 'indicates just how significant the change in money will be to people’s lives.'

FIs struggle to find their way amid digital offerings

A new report from the Celent banking group indicates a considerable degree of worry and hesitation among FIs when it comes to digital offerings.

Wincor Q1 2015-2016 sales results exceed expectations

With Q1 sales up 'substantially' as the result of restructuring, the company has raised its earnings outlook for the remainder of its 2015-2016 fiscal year.

London mandates card acceptance for city's black cabs

The Transport for London board has approved the measure following a consultation in which an overwhelming 86 percent of respondents backed the move.

Fifth Third Bank adds Touch ID to mobile banking app

The bank said that mobile banking is outpacing online banking with its customers.

Compass Plus receives PCI DSS version 3.1 certification

An independent audit has confirmed that the Compass Plus Processing Center is fully compliant with the latest version of the global payments security standard.

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