Poll: In Canada, millennials drive charge toward new banking tech

Like their US counterparts, Canadians prefer to do their everyday banking via digital channels, but want to speak with a live person when they have more complex needs.

Digital Insight bolsters product suite with ClickSwitch

The turnkey solution lets an FI's new customers quickly migrate their recurring payments and deposits to a newly opened bank account, the company says.

Emirates NBD mobile ATM dispenses holiday cash gifts

Unsuspecting customers of the Dubai FI received envelopes stuffed with as much as $272 in cash when they used the specially constructed ATM.

Ameriabank, CR2 team to deliver omnichannel banking experience

CR2's BankWorld platform will allow Ameriabank to offer advanced banking services 24/7 through any self-service channel, the company says.

The ATM-and-mobile age is here. Where are you?

For deployers who are not quite there yet, a free "ATM and Mobile 101" report offers valuable guidance on the integration of ATM mobile channels.

ATM Security Association taps Intralinks for information sharing

Intralinks says its cloud-based Via solution will ensure the safe exchange by association members of sensitive information about ATM threats and countermeasures.

AppGuard said to protect against new multivendor ATM malware

The companies say that their AppGuard solution has proven in live testing that it can prevent intrusion by the recently identified Backdoor.ATM.Suceful malware.

Swedes swoon over village's newly installed ATM

After six months without an ATM in town, residents of Skoghall, Sweden, were in the mood to celebrate their brand new Bankomat machine.

US ATM fees reach record high

A just-released study from Bankrate.com says that ATM fees have increased by 21 percent within the past five years.

US EMV effort raises hackles of fraud watchdog

Consumer advocate ProtectMyData argues that the chip-and-signature implementation favored by US financial institutions lacks teeth.

Cardtronics, TCF broaden branding relationship

The companies' new agreement will triple the number of Cardtronics ATMs carrying the TCF brand.

FIS intros suite of brand-accredited solutions, services for EMV rollout

The company says its new Clear2Pay Open Test Solutions suite makes EMV conversion smoother and faster for corporations.

ATM Security Association to address ATM Security 2015

In the past year, the group has launched working groups focused on software security, data encryption, skimming and card compromise, and cassette security.

More than a few retailers playing catch-up in EMV card compliance

While the big retailers are compliant with the EMV credit card chip mandate hitting today, many retailers are playing catch-up, a new study reveals.

The hazards of outing ATM malware

A Russian developer of ATM antivirus software publicizes its discovery of an ATM Trojan horse ... and pays the price.

CSI tokenization to support payments via Android Pay

Android tokenization capability means that CSI customers can now fully participate with the major mobile wallet schemes, the company says.

STMicroelectronics on board with Datacard chip validation program

The Datacard CVP will help to ensure accurate encoding of the full range of STPay EMV smartcard solutions prior to mass rollout, the companies say.

98 percent of US cards forecast to be EMV-enabled by end of 2017

By the end of 2015, 60 percent of cards will have chips, compared with 30 percent in June, the Payments Security Task Force says.

ATMIA Africa publishes retail payment trends study

The document serves as a starting point for understanding South Africa's rapidly growing retail payments market, the ATM industry trade group says.

Diebold adds mobile functionality to SecureStat

The new mobile platform features complete portal functionality and is compatible with any smartphone or tablet, regardless of the OS, the company says.

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