NCR, UAE bank partner to introduce customer-centric ATM solutions

Ajman Bank will revamp its ATM network with next-generation ATMs and omnichannel software to ensure higher availability and a personalized experience.

Somalia to get more ATMs, debit cards

Premier Bank plans to install five ATMs in the capital city of Mogadishu; they should be welcome, since the nation's only other ATM is reportedly not working.

Serbia joins EAST

Serbia's new representatives to the European ATM Security Team include payment card issuers, acquirers, and third-party processors.

Cornerstone Bank, CSI team up to implement enterprise risk management solution

The SmartRisk IQ solution from CSI measures institutions against eight key risk categories outlined by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

Survey: Technology-related change a high priority at C-level

Seventy-seven percent of survey respondents agreed that 'The digital world is creating new types and levels of risk for our business.'

Michigan CUSO to add Bluepoint check capture, item processing suite

The deal rounds out MDT's Check 21-compliant offering with additional capture points, end-to-end item processing, and check fraud mitigation.

Alaska USA FCU, FIS partner on payment initiatives

FIS will provide ATM driving, EFT processing, card production, and a number of related services.

FSS, Entrust Datacard to deliver instant card issuance in India

Together, the companies will offer instant, in-branch card issuance solutions to support social security and financial inclusion initiatives across the country.

Mississippi FCU, Dolphin Debit tie up in branding deal

Traffic at the 18 newly added units rivals that of some branch ATMs, the FCU says.

Datablink solution validates a transaction before it's a done deal

The Datablink 200 Mobile app allows credit and debit card providers to validate and confirm transactions instantly — before they are completed.

Early Warning, NCR partner on bank-to-bank good funds network

The project will allow consumers to enjoy safe, secure, and fast transactions across every touch point for their banking or purchases, NCR says.

Policard, Datablink partner for secure ATM, online access

The Datablink Mobile 200 app lets customers use a smartphone to create a secure out-of-band connection with a financial institution to confirm their identity and transactions.

Saudis look to satellites for ATM security

A government committee in the kingdom has mandated that all ATMs must have electronic chips installed to allow device tracking.

Study looks at Apple Pay prospects six months on

A research note from Mercator contends that future prospects for Apple's payment tool are brighter than current use data might suggest.

Robocoin rolls out Romit cash remittance app

The company will exit the Bitcoin ATM business in order to focus on implementation of Romit software, which enables ATMs, kiosks and human cashiers to send money around the globe

Myanmar FI pursues omnichannel strategy with CR2

AYA bank and CR2 have implemented an omnichannel solution that enables service delivery and client interaction across all electronic channels from a single point.

13 down, three to go ...

A Romanian national is the 14th of 16 suspects to face conspiracy charges in a 2013 ATM skimming operation that defrauded New Jersey banks of $5 million.

ATMIA publishes ATM eavesdropping advisory

The trade group has received information indicating an increase in wire tapping-style attacks that obtain card data directly from the ATM's own card reader.

FIME aligns terminal integration services, tools to new MasterCard M-TIP 2.0 spec

Following its terminal integration process update, the company says it can now accommodate testing for contact, contactless and dual-interface scenarios.

'A minimal portion of the actual damages incurred'

Through their court-appointed lead counsel, FIs are lambasting the proposed $19 million settlement agreed upon by MasterCard and Target.

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