Russian bank fights rising payment fraud with real-time software solution

Wincor Nixdor worked with Tinkoff Bank to implement IRIS, which provides transaction histories for any number and type of payment channels.


From breach to outreach: Restoring cardholder confidence

The card is an extension of your institution, so it's your FI that cardholders look to for protection. Losing their trust is a big problem — and a big expense

Share the information: Every ATM owner is in the same game!

It's time to pause and celebrate 2014. In somewhat muted terms, perhaps, but we made it, and the ubiquitous corner ATM is still being well used.

In new ATM association, competition takes a back seat to crimefighting

The ATM Security Association for Enhanced Technology asks members to join a common cause against an underworld of uncommonly determined ATM fraudsters and cyberthieves.

ATM stories that caught readers' attention in November

Apple Pay, cybercrime and self-service innovation were top-of-mind in the ATM industry over the last month. But reader interest wandered over to low-tech topics, as well.

I need cash — beam me up!

Given the successful deployment and ready acceptance of biometrics elsewhere in the world, greater use of this technology in the US is inevitable.

Is tokenization becoming table stakes for mobile payments?

Tokenization is a good move forward as it builds on the gains of PCI and the global adoption of EMV standards.

EMV, encryption and tokenization: the payment fraud 'holy trinity'

Taken together, these three key pieces of security technology can ensure that the good guys continue to stay one step ahead of the fraudsters.

Mobile employees boost productivity — and risk

One-third of the participants in a recent study said their company doesn't have a mobile security program; of the two-thirds that do have a program, 75 percent of respondents said security is lax.

Being prepared: A little extra cash helps!

Being prepared but having the wrong tools doesn't really count for much when trouble truly develops ...

Casing out financial cyber crime: A federal agent's point of view

At BAI Retail Delivery, FBI Special Agent Patrick Geahan described five types of cyber attacks and one mistake that can cost an organization millions.

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Up in smoke: How secure ATMs can thwart creative criminals

Blowing up an ATM might not be the very first idea that comes to mind for a criminal, but owners of ATM networks cannot rule out anything.

Heartland backs end-to-end encryption with new warranty

The warranty covers compliance fines, fees and any assessments by card brands, issuing banks and acquiring banks.

Fiserv mobile app puts card management in the hands of cardholders

CardValet lets cardholders monitor and control how, when and where their card is used — and set limits on spending.

ATM gone missing? A new tracking device can help you find it

Philadelphia-based asset protection company 3SI Security Systems has introduced an ATM tracker solution that relies on GPS to locate a stolen ATM. According to a press release, the NextGen3 Electronic Satellite Pursuit ATM Tracker GPS leverages multiple security and tracking...

Bottomline acquires cyberfraud solutions provider Intellinx

Intellinx solutions monitor, replay, and analyze user behavior across multiple channels, and instantly flag and stop suspicious activity, the company says.

USAA adds biometric recognition to mobile banking app

All stateside members will soon have the option to use their voice or face to quickly and securely access their account information, the FI says.

Nebraska lawmaker seeks changes to ATM licensing rules

Among other things, the bill provides that consumers will not be held liable for financial losses arising from ATM tampering or manipulation.

We're shocked — shocked! This ATM makes thieves pay

An ATM-maker in Chennai, India, has developed a line of ATMs that integrates some — let's say surprising — theft deterence features.

New Jersey bill would require 911 call line at ATMs

The proposed law would require all ATM sites to have a dedicated phone line that establishes an immediate voice connection to emergency services.

Obama proposes legislation on data breach notification

With today's introduction of proposed legislation, President Obama will expand on the BuySecure initiative he announced last October.

Crooks launch new, 'black box' ATM hack

A 'novel and complex' new physical attack involves a mobile phone and a circuit board plugged into the ATM's core.

Not dead yet: NY takes another run at 'panic PIN' legislation

A 2010 FTC report shot down emergency technology at ATMs as a 'non-trivial expense' of dubious worth, but the concept isn't dying easily.

EMVCo to develop 3DS 2.0 spec for card-not-present payments

An enhanced EMV 3DS 2.0 specification will support additional data available during the transaction to enable more intelligent risk-based decisioning.

Number of cyberattacks on retailers drops by half, but hit more victims per incident

Criminals still stole more than 61 million customer records in 2014, despite taking off two of the biggest shopping days.

Study: 44 percent of cyberfraud victims can't recover funds

Losses can be significant, too: The average sum stolen by cybercriminals was $218; 18 percent of respondents lost more than $1,000.

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Theft, skimming and other types of ATM fraud and scams are a constant concern for ATM operators. This Research Center focuses on best practices in ATM security and fraud prevention.