Romanian authorities nab perpetrators of $15M ATM heist

The criminal group is alleged to have stolen more than $15 million from ATMs in coordinated attacks carried out in 24 countries during 2013.


What goes boom on the street: The gassing of ATMs!

I am extremely fearful that the greatly dumbed-down 'blow up the ATM' model will appeal to many a would-be bad guy once the old 'steal the ATM card' method no longer works.

Jackpotting in the retail ATM sector

We all know about the $1 billion multibank ATM heist via malware. But if you're a retail IAD or ISO, there's an even scarier one you should definitely be aware of.

Time to talk about 'Things' …

The Internet of Things will bring a deluge of Big Data; will it be 'TMI' for payments processors looking to use defined behaviors as a means of validating identity?

Internal ATM cash theft: The toughest temptation

How can we better design ATMs and their security systems to reduce the opportunity — and the rewards — for internal theft?

How does Apple Pay lead to more fraud?

Crooks have been using a surprisingly low tech tactic to worm their way around Apple Pay's tokenization and biometric safeguards.

Serving the user, securing the ATM: A delicate balance

Is it really possible to harden an ATM against skimming attacks while ensuring a first-rate user experience? TMD Security answers 'yes.'

ATM card skimming in 2015: Crime waves, countermeasures and case studies

A free March 12 webinar will investigate trending ATM skimming methods, new anti-skimming safeguards, and strategies major FIs have used to foil thieves.

New coalition to develop wireless ATM standards

The alliance aims to facilitate a strong, secure transaction environment without resting significant security compliance responsibility on ATM operators.

Could you root out a rootkit?

The stealthiest of all malware, a rootkit can go undetected for years — all the while stealing data from your computer system.

Kalpana: A 'magic bullet' for the ATM industry?

NCR aims to maximize ATM security and minimize ATM cost of ownership with a bold new Android-based thin client operating system.

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Serbia joins EAST

Serbia's new representatives to the European ATM Security Team include payment card issuers, acquirers, and third-party processors.

Cornerstone Bank, CSI team up to implement enterprise risk management solution

The SmartRisk IQ solution from CSI measures institutions against eight key risk categories outlined by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

Survey: Technology-related change a high priority at C-level

Seventy-seven percent of survey respondents agreed that 'The digital world is creating new types and levels of risk for our business.'

Datablink solution validates a transaction before it's a done deal

The Datablink 200 Mobile app allows credit and debit card providers to validate and confirm transactions instantly — before they are completed.

Policard, Datablink partner for secure ATM, online access

The Datablink Mobile 200 app lets customers use a smartphone to create a secure out-of-band connection with a financial institution to confirm their identity and transactions.

Saudis look to satellites for ATM security

A government committee in the kingdom has mandated that all ATMs must have electronic chips installed to allow device tracking.

13 down, three to go ...

A Romanian national is the 14th of 16 suspects to face conspiracy charges in a 2013 ATM skimming operation that defrauded New Jersey banks of $5 million.

ATMIA publishes ATM eavesdropping advisory

The trade group has received information indicating an increase in wire tapping-style attacks that obtain card data directly from the ATM's own card reader.

'A minimal portion of the actual damages incurred'

Through their court-appointed lead counsel, FIs are lambasting the proposed $19 million settlement agreed upon by MasterCard and Target.

Study: New cyberthreats come in old packages

A Verizon report says that cyberattacks are increasingly sophisticated, but they're still carried out using the same old delivery techniques — phishing and hacking. Will we ever learn?

PCI SSC publishes revised data security standard

PCI DSS 3.1 and supporting guidance will help organizations address vulnerabilities within the SSL protocol that put payment data at risk, the council says.

EAST cases out ATM crime stats in 2014 full-year report

Though ATM fraud incidents fell by more than a quarter for the year, a reduction in losses did not follow — in fact, the cost of ATM-related crime rose by double digits.

PCI council publishes guidance on computer systems penetration testing

The document offers recommendations for testing methodology, case studies, and a quick-reference guide to assist in navigating testing requirements.

EAST welcomes representative from South Africa

The South Africa Banking Risk Information Center has become a national member; SABRIC was formed to help FIs and CITs across Africa combat bank-related organized crime.

Early Warning, BioCatch partner on fraud prevention for FIs

Financial services organizations can now acquire and share behavioral intelligence to improve visibility of digital threats and reduce new account fraud and account takeover.

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