Indian FI tests mobile-based solution for ATM fraud prevention

The location-based solution operates on the assumption that cardholders generally carry their mobile phone when visiting the ATM.


Card brands and issuers needled about PIN

In advocating for credit chip and PIN, US retailers are using the same 'consumer security' pitch against the card brands that the brands once used to sell EMV to retailers.

Ashley Madison: The new face of data breaches

At the recent ATM & Mobile Innovation Summit in Washington, DC, a pair of security experts discussed the implications of the Ashley Madison data breach, as well as other worrisome cybercrime trends.

Befuddled and confused about EMV

Those needing to update their infrastructure to support EMV might be befuddled and confused by chip and signature, but wrongdoers have it all figured out.

Biometrics: The key to secure, convenient ATM transactions

There are no longer valid technical reasons why we should continue to expose ourselves to crime through the use of dated security systems and practices.

Preview: 2015 ATM & Mobile Innovation Summit

Technology offers new ways for consumers to hold, control and spend their money. This summit promises to help execs get their arms around the former and meet the expectations of the latter.

The PIN is passé; biometric is BIG

It's not just about mobile payments — ATM transactions and POS payments rely on the PIN, but could easily adapt to biometric authentication.

Money mules a stubborn problem for ATM operators

Money mules are the "last mile" to launder funds gained from illegal activity — and ATMs are often their first stop.

Blink and you'll get it!

Picture this: MasterCard is piloting a security scheme that will approve bankcard purchases with a selfie — and a blink.

Summer reading list: The top 5 ATM features for June

Grab your e-reader and an ice-cold beverage, then head to the hammock and catch up on ATM Marketplace features you might've missed last month.

ATM surveillance: Preserving the ATM, protecting the customer

It is inevitable that FIs must balance investments and cost containment, but they also must take into account the safety of the customers who use their services.

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ATMIA Academy launches online ATM security training

The course outlines the most common threats to ATM security and best practices to mitigate the risk of each type of attack

Three-fourths of firms experience internal data security incidents

For 21 percent of companies affected by internal threats, the loss of valuable data affected their business.

Chance discovery averts ATM-based data breach

Purely by happenstance, a German security researcher recently discovered a flaw in the ATM update systems of Germany's Sparkasse bank.

GPS steps up fraud prevention with StrongHold risk management

The multinational processing company says it has teamed with Latvia's D8 Corp. for real-time management of fraud incidents.

Study: People use their mobiles everywhere ...

As if you didn't know, right? But what's surprising is how little thought goes into protecting the vital information we store on them.

Fractals update delivers intelligent card, e-banking fraud detection

In addition to financial transactions, Fractals monitors nonfinancial details such as login attempts, personal data changes and creation of new recipients — all potential fraud indicators.

Survey: For payment safety, consumers trust banks the most

Three-quarters of consumers trust banks to protect their payments, while only 1 percent trust major retailers or telecom companies to do so, an ABA study finds.

FFIEC issues statement on 'cyberextortion'

The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council warns of an increase in cyberattacks that seek to extort payment from FIs in return for the release of sensitive information.

Hitachi, ITCL team for 'massive' biotech rollout in Bangladesh

Information Technology Consultants Ltd. of Bangladesh says it will deploy 'tens of thousands' of finger vein authentication devices at ATM and POS terminals.

Early Warning intros Authentify single-interface authentication

The new solution ​simplifies the management of identity risk and unifies authentication across all channels, the company says.

US FIs form secure real-time payments network

Early Warning, the fraud protection and risk management arm of major US banks, will acquire clearXchange, the nation's largest bank-owned digital payments network.

Securitas to acquire Diebold NA electronic security business

Following the acquisition, Securitas will serve as Diebold’s preferred supplier for electronic security solutions, the companies say.

Turkey joins European ATM Security Team

Bankalararasi Kart Merkezi A.S. will report national incident and loss statistics for ATM-related fraud and physical attacks in Turkey.

The 'Rashomon'-ization of EMV

As in the Japanese film 'Rashomon,' ABA and NACS Wednesday presented pictures of EMV migration so divergent, it seems possible that they weren't describing the same thing at all.

Fifth Third plans to launch new commercial card mobile app

Cardholders will be able to suspend and unsuspend card accounts and have push notifications sent to their mobile device.

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