New CSI service rates cybersecurity risk

The service is designed to help FIs gauge risk associated with their cyberpresence and evaluate the need for additional security measures.


How does Apple Pay lead to more fraud?

Crooks have been using a surprisingly low tech tactic to worm their way around Apple Pay's tokenization and biometric safeguards.

Serving the user, securing the ATM: A delicate balance

Is it really possible to harden an ATM against skimming attacks while ensuring a first-rate user experience? TMD Security answers 'yes.'

ATM card skimming in 2015: Crime waves, countermeasures and case studies

A free March 12 webinar will investigate trending ATM skimming methods, new anti-skimming safeguards, and strategies major FIs have used to foil thieves.

New coalition to develop wireless ATM standards

The alliance aims to facilitate a strong, secure transaction environment without resting significant security compliance responsibility on ATM operators.

Could you root out a rootkit?

The stealthiest of all malware, a rootkit can go undetected for years — all the while stealing data from your computer system.

Kalpana: A 'magic bullet' for the ATM industry?

NCR aims to maximize ATM security and minimize ATM cost of ownership with a bold new Android-based thin client operating system.

The bitcoin-ISIS connection

An analyst says he has found proof that the terrorist organization is using virtual currency to fund its operations.

9 ways to lock out ATM hackers

Putting your ATM network beyond criminals' reach is a multilayered proposition. That's where the 'onion model' of security best practice comes in.

The 'onion model': Nine layers of security every ATM deployer needs

A Feb. 10 webinar will introduce a multilayered approach to ATM software security that ensures if one security measure fails, others will continue to shield the fleet.

From breach to outreach: Restoring cardholder confidence

The card is an extension of your institution, so it's your FI that cardholders look to for protection. Losing their trust is a big problem — and a big expense

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Payment card fraud trends and stats examined in new report

The Mercator report discusses fraud rates by type, including counterfeit card, lost or stolen card, card ID theft, intercepted mail, and card-not-present.

EAST releases first European fraud report for 2015

ATM skimming was reported by 19 of 21 countries, and the use of internal card reader skimming devices appears to be on the rise.

Global uptake of biometrics expected to rise in 2015

Companies are introducing voice and face biometrics, investigating innovative methods of consumer ID management, and adding improved security features.

Smart Card Alliance lays out real cost of data breach

By the end of 2014, the average cost to a business affected by a data breach stood at $5.9 million, the alliance says.

Study finds 330 million payment cards 'in the clear'

More than 6 in 10 businesses store unencrypted cardholder data, SecurityMetrics says.

FFIEC to debut cybersecurity self-assessment tool

Financial institutions will be able to use the tool to evaluate their readiness to identify, mitigate and respond to cyber threats.

ATM cassette protection company will double output in 2015

Scotland's Scotia Security Group is also moving forward with previously announced plans to expand into the US market this year.

3VR intros network video option for ATM installations

The 2100 series NVR was developed for installations where space is at a premium and high heat can be a problem.

Survey: Companies' No. 1 fear from DDoS attack is lost business opportunity

Reputational risk and the loss of current customers as the result of an attack are also high on the list of concerns, Kaspersky finds.

UK bank hopes to get to the heart of secure authentication

​The Halifax is testing the Nymi Band, a wearable device that authenticates its owner using an electrocardiogram.

In a large enterprise, employee devices can harbor thousands of unsafe apps

​Mobile enterprise environments are increasingly the target for embedded spyware, adware and backdoors, security provider says.

New anti-skimming solution from ACG steps up DIP reader protection

As the ATM's card reader is powered down by the device sensor, its jamming signal is powered up to protect unwitting cardholders.

Europol predicts major changes in criminal landscape

'Criminal entrepreneurs' will come together on a project basis, lending their expertise as part of a 'crime-as-a-service' business model, the report finds.

Fiserv adds solutions to Financial Crime Risk Management Platform

The new components can help financial crime prevention professionals to more effectively detect, investigate and resolve crimes, the company says.

Anti-skimming solution protects DIP data without taking down the ATM

The Active DIP Kit from TMD allows continuous card data jamming — previously limited to motorized readers — on DIP card reader-equipped ATMs and SSTs.

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