First American Bank Live with EZswitch® G4 (Press Release)

CSFi has completed the installation of EZswitch® G4 at First American Bank (FAB) and established the online interface between their Fiserv Precision core banking system and First Data Star EFT network. The bank is now able to utilize the system’s integrated support for the First Data Star Real-Time Card Maintenance (RTCM) interface.


ATM stories that caught readers' attention in November

Apple Pay, cybercrime and self-service innovation were top-of-mind in the ATM industry over the last month. But reader interest wandered over to low-tech topics, as well.

I need cash — beam me up!

Given the successful deployment and ready acceptance of biometrics elsewhere in the world, greater use of this technology in the US is inevitable.

Is tokenization becoming table stakes for mobile payments?

Tokenization is a good move forward as it builds on the gains of PCI and the global adoption of EMV standards.

EMV, encryption and tokenization: the payment fraud 'holy trinity'

Taken together, these three key pieces of security technology can ensure that the good guys continue to stay one step ahead of the fraudsters.

Mobile employees boost productivity — and risk

One-third of the participants in a recent study said their company doesn't have a mobile security program; of the two-thirds that do have a program, 75 percent of respondents said security is lax.

Being prepared: A little extra cash helps!

Being prepared but having the wrong tools doesn't really count for much when trouble truly develops ...

Casing out financial cyber crime: A federal agent's point of view

At BAI Retail Delivery, FBI Special Agent Patrick Geahan described five types of cyber attacks and one mistake that can cost an organization millions.

The headlines say it all: EMV is an answer!

Today, the EMV headlines are coming at us with the velocity we previously attributed to topics such as big data.

EMV chip-and-signature: The mirage of protection

Without a holistic approach to user and transaction verification we're only presenting an appearance of protection — one that will vanish when tested by sophisticated cybercrooks.

AMIS highlights: 'This year's conference was also terrific'

A video journal of highlights and attendee comments from the second annual ATM & Mobile Innovation Summit in Washington, D.C.

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Fragmentation and false flags: Predictions for cybercrime in 2015

The Kaspersky Lab Global Research and Analysis Team has published predictions for advance persistent threats in 2015.

UK ATM protection provider announces entry into US market

Scotia Security Group says it will introduce its ATM Cassette Guard — already widely used in the UK — to US ATM deployers at ATMIA 2015.

Diebold expands self-service line with 3500 and 3700 ATM series

The two new series provide enhanced self-service efficiencies, along with with multifunction cash recycling and streamlined security, the company says.

Symantec to verify applicants seeking to use '.bank' domain

Symantec will verify the eligibility of companies requesting ".bank" domain names, and that the requested domain name complies with fTLD policies.

US has greatest commitment to cybersecurity, global index reveals

The Global Cybersecurity Index ranks Canada second for highest national commitment to cybersecurity, followed by Australia, Malaysia, and Oman.

UL adds tokenization functionality to Collis Host Test Tool

To support implementation of cloud-based mobile payment solutions, UL has launched a host test tool for tokenization technology.

Bebe Stores Inc. confirms payment card data breach

An undisclosed number of records was stolen from customers who used their bankcards at the retail chain's POS terminals between Nov. 8 and Nov. 26.

Experian study forecasts rise in pre-EMV data breaches

It is more important than ever for companies to prepare for a data breach and stay ahead of the game, the company says.

Merchant Financial Cyber Partnership outlines steps for securing the payments system

One of the major steps is an effort to urge Congress to pass cyberthreat information-sharing legislation, the organization says.

Axis adds F44 Main Unit suited to ATM surveillance

The products allow for installation virtually out of view in tight places, providing a solution for small video surveillance areas such as ATM locations.

Highly targeted malware attacks a growing trend, Kaspersky says

A smaller-than-usual year-over-year increase in malicious files doesn't mean criminals are slacking off — it means they're becoming more selective with their attacks.

Machete attack on woman at ATM brings little improvement in security

Despite new security rules imposed after a brutal attack in Bangalore, India, many ATMs in the city are said to lack required CCTV cameras, alarm systems and guards.

2015 to be a high-stakes year for ATM attacks, Kaspersky predicts

'The next stage will see attackers compromising the networks of banks and using that level of access to manipulate [ATMs] in real time,' a security expert predicts.

Bank of South Pacific gets proactive against fraud

The bank is using an ACI risk management tool that identifies potentially fraudulent transactions and blocks them, if necessary.

Payment security concerns will influence holiday shoppers, study shows

More than one-quarter of US consumers will not buy at a store that has experienced a cyberattack if they can find the same product elsewhere, a KPMG study reveals.

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Theft, skimming and other types of ATM fraud and scams are a constant concern for ATM operators. This Research Center focuses on best practices in ATM security and fraud prevention.