PCI SSC updates standard for POI device security

Version 4.1 of the PIN Transaction Security Point of Interaction Modular Security Requirements responds to market need and industry feedback, the PCI Security Standards Council says.


ATM surveillance: Preserving the ATM, protecting the customer

It is inevitable that FIs must balance investments and cost containment, but they also must take into account the safety of the customers who use their services.

Lawmakers take an interest in electronic payments

Both branches of Congress have formed bipartisan caucuses focused on payment technologies and data security in the US.

After the chip card: A chargeback tsunami?

What can we learn from Canada's experience weathering the fraud fallout that followed EMV migration?

The FI’s opportunity in a mobile payments world

As mobile banking and payments converge, financial institutions have the benefit of one critical advantage over non-FI competitors: customer trust.

No time for running in place!

Amid stories about failed security, obsolete applications and legacy systems, there's evidence that vendors are lacing up their shoes to keep the industry ahead.

April's top ATM reads

A piece on corporate earnings; a couple of pieces on security; a couple pieces on ATM innovation — all of these cropped up in the ATM Marketplace top five for the month.

What goes boom on the street: The gassing of ATMs!

I am extremely fearful that the greatly dumbed-down 'blow up the ATM' model will appeal to many a would-be bad guy once the old 'steal the ATM card' method no longer works.

Jackpotting in the retail ATM sector

We all know about the $1 billion multibank ATM heist via malware. But if you're a retail IAD or ISO, there's an even scarier one you should definitely be aware of.

Time to talk about 'Things' …

The Internet of Things will bring a deluge of Big Data; will it be 'TMI' for payments processors looking to use defined behaviors as a means of validating identity?

Internal ATM cash theft: The toughest temptation

How can we better design ATMs and their security systems to reduce the opportunity — and the rewards — for internal theft?

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New resource helps FIs assess, address cyberthreat readiness

The FFIEC says that financial institutions of all sizes can use the Cybersecurity Assessment Tool to inform their risk management planning.

ATM security still deficient, Indian officials say

A year-and-a-half after a woman getting cash was nearly hacked to death by an assailant with a machete, FIs still aren't providing adequate security at ATMs, police say.

Study: Banks will buy into biometrics by 2020

use of bio ID for ATM access will increase in regions where it is now deployed and will take root in places where the PIN is dominant today, a new report says.

ATM cash-outs drive up cross-border fraud on UK debit cards

Though the US ranks third in total cross-border transactions on UK cards, it ranks first in fraudulent cross-border transactions on those cards, FICO says.

A new twist on ATM eavesdropping attacks in UAE

The new technique, which is specific to NCR Personas ATMs, leaves no visible trace of tampering on the exterior of the ATM.

Half of Internet users feel safer banking at branch than online

If they're among the 20 percent of users who do nothing to protect their financial data online, they're probably right.

FBI issues ransomware warning, offers tips for prevention

The FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center says that ransomware continues to spread, posing a threat to individuals and businesses alike.

UL attains GlobalPlatform qualification for compliance test suite

GlobalPlatform is the cross-industry association that develops specs for secure, interoperable deployment of multiple embedded applications on a secure chip.

Saylent adds fraud forensics to Card360

New detailed analytics can help an FI to identify at-risk cards and points of compromise and take prompt action against fraud, Saylent says.

Study: Most US consumers favor bio ID to prevent financial fraud

One in four US consumers would even be willing share their DNA with their bank to secure financial and personal information, a new report reveals.

New guide standardizes terms for ATM skimming device placement

The use of uniform terminology will assist in the reporting and analysis of card data compromise devices, EAST says.

Authorities take down lucrative European cyberfraud operation

Using man-in-the-middle email attacks, the alleged cyberthieves were able to steal $6.8 million in a very short period of time, authorities say.

Europol, European ATM Security Team bolster crime-fighting pact

The parties have agreed to share information about card-present and card-not-present fraud, high-tech crime, and ATM malware and physical attacks.

Banco de Chile taps Wincor Nixdorf for 500 extra-secure ATMs

The new units comply with a government mandate that calls for the replacement of every ATM in Chile with a more physically secure device by 2018.

PCI Council publishes appendix to PCI Data Security Standard

​Supplemental validation procedures will help organizations demonstrate ongoing security efforts for protecting payments, the council says.

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