Why the paper ATM receipt isn't going extinct

In the rush to go digital, FIs must not alienate the important segment of their customer base that still values paper ATM receipts.

Do EMV upgrades trigger ADA review?

IADs whose ATMs were not up to ADA standards as of March 15, 2012, might want to review their portfolio before simply buying EMV upgrade kits for existing machines.

LIVE WEBINAR: APAC ATMs: Protect your fleet's revenue and reputation with testing

Date:Thu, Apr 9, 2015, Time :AEST 2pm / 4:00am GMT/UTC, Duration:1 hour | This webinar — structured specifically to the needs of ATM deployers in the Asia-Pacific region — will illustrate how automated testing can help you to ensure customer satisfaction, mitigate risks, save time, and run a more cost-effective operation.

Sponsored by: Clear2Pay

Where do your ATMs connect? HP delivers x86, NonStop!

At the end of March, the HP enterprise group will announce the specifics of NonStop X, which will support Intel x86 architecture

Plan now for the end of Windows 7

Support for Windows 7 ends in 2020; ATM deployers should start planning now to ensure an orderly, cost-effective migration to the next OS.

Squadle and Triton Partnership Provides Easy Access to Essential Data for Restaurants

Retail and restaurant managers will see clear benefits to the simplification of data access.

Sponsored by: Triton

How does Apple Pay lead to more fraud?

Crooks have been using a surprisingly low tech tactic to worm their way around Apple Pay's tokenization and biometric safeguards.

How to attract accounts (and keep them) with mobile card services

In a mobile banking world, the place to be is top-of-wallet. A March 26 webinar will share insights on how to get there — and stay there.

Five major misconceptions about cryptocurrencies

People who work with cryptocurrencies on a daily basis help us sort out a few of the most common misunderstandings about it.

For retail bankers, the song remains the same ...

But with so many external forces at work — from regulators, networks, technology providers and consumers — the words take on a new meaning.

Serving the user, securing the ATM: A delicate balance

Is it really possible to harden an ATM against skimming attacks while ensuring a first-rate user experience? TMD Security answers 'yes.'

Tellers, toil and technology

Innovative technology — such as that now being introduced in ATMs — is displacing workers to new jobs rather than replacing them entirely.

Cutting-edge ATMs are cutting costs at the branch

Adding more teller-like functions at the ATM has allowed FIs to meet the needs of more customers while reducing branch operating costs.

The Feb. Five: ATM news that rated with readers

A new thin client system from NCR offers a solution to the plague of ATM 'cash-out' or 'jackpotting.' Meanwhile bitcoin is sorting out a plague of terrorists using it as a funding source.

ATM card skimming in 2015: Crime waves, countermeasures and case studies

A free March 12 webinar will investigate trending ATM skimming methods, new anti-skimming safeguards, and strategies major FIs have used to foil thieves.

New coalition to develop wireless ATM standards

The alliance aims to facilitate a strong, secure transaction environment without resting significant security compliance responsibility on ATM operators.

Bitcoin and cash: 'Like peanut butter and jelly'

Robocoin's new (and free) software development kit gives ATM operators a 'margin-expanding opportunity,' CEO Jordan Kelley says.

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FIME develops go-to-market kit to streamline EMV card issuance

The 'EMV Starter Kit' for small to midsize FIs provides out-of-the-box consulting services designed to facilitate chip card issuance.

Financial pros have faith in EMV

New research indicates a high level of confidence in EMV technology as a weapon in the fight against credit and debit card fraud.

End 'legal extortion' by patent trolls, ICBA urges Congress

Last week, a member of the community bankers group pressed a House subcommittee to take three specific actions against trolls.

BankDhofar first to join Central Bank of Oman in EMV migration

The new feature allows account-­to-­account transfer of up to 5,000 Omani rials ($12,987) from BankDhofar to other local bank accounts.

Saudi cardholders get cold cash at specially designed drive-up ATMs

Customers of Saudi Hollandi Bank needn't leave the air-conditioned comfort of their automobile to get cash from custom-cooled ATMs.

Kalamazoo CU delivers digital banking experience

The $600 million credit union has implemented a suite of online and mobile banking solutions from Digital Insight.

New CSI service rates cybersecurity risk

The service is designed to help FIs gauge risk associated with their cyberpresence and evaluate the need for additional security measures.

Payment card fraud trends and stats examined in new report

The Mercator report discusses fraud rates by type, including counterfeit card, lost or stolen card, card ID theft, intercepted mail, and card-not-present.

EAST releases first European fraud report for 2015

ATM skimming was reported by 19 of 21 countries, and the use of internal card reader skimming devices appears to be on the rise.

MasterCard qualifies firms' PVT product for EMV and NFC

The test tool is intended to help issuers, card manufacturers and personalization bureaus speed up certification and launch of contact and contactless EMV card and NFC payments projects.

Global uptake of biometrics expected to rise in 2015

Companies are introducing voice and face biometrics, investigating innovative methods of consumer ID management, and adding improved security features.

New study sizes up bill payment methods

Cash constitutes just 8 percent of bill payments, but still leads credit and mobile; checks are now a distant second to online payments.

Smart Card Alliance lays out real cost of data breach

By the end of 2014, the average cost to a business affected by a data breach stood at $5.9 million, the alliance says.

Dolphin Debit takes on ATM fleet management for Mississippi CU

The deal will save the cost of buying, depreciating and managing new machines, says the 4,200-member FCU's president.

Accel debit network completes its first tokenized transactions

The ability to accept tokenized transactions will allow Fiserv clients on the Accel network to accept debit payments via Apple Pay.

Global Payments buys payments gateway Realex

The deal will help Global Payments leverage its multinational footprint and accelerate growth in Europe, CEO says.

AT&T certifies NetComm wireless 4G M2M router

The device supports high data rates and features two gigabit Ethernet ports, high-speed WiFi, and built-in VPN clients.

UBS AG, Diebold collaborate on end-to-end branch automation

The two companies are working together to design, build, deploy and maintain ideal in-branch banking solutions for UBS.

Study: As self-service banking rises, teller displacement begins

A new study finds that consumers increasingly prefer to make self-service deposits as opposed to paying a visit to the teller.

Study finds 330 million payment cards 'in the clear'

More than 6 in 10 businesses store unencrypted cardholder data, SecurityMetrics says.

Haven't taken the 2015 software trends survey yet? There's still time

Survey sponsors are asking banks of all sizes to share their thoughts and insights on emerging trends in ATM and self-service software.

Card issuers reluctant to leapfrog merchants on EMV migration

Banks hesitate to put chip cards in customers' hands if retailers haven't upgraded their terminals to process them.

ALEC, Fiserv partner to implement digital solutions

Abbott Laboratories Employees Credit Union has added Mobile Source Capture for check deposit, and expanded its Mobiliti mobile banking service.

Cardtronics adds image deposit
 capability to Tennessee CU's ATMs

The CU bundles a surcharge-free network, retail cash access, branch network management, 
ATM locator, and now image deposit from the IAD.

Alaric, E-Global implement new switching solution in Mexico

Authentic, the open payments platform from Alaric, is assisting Mexico's largest payment network to process seven million daily transactions.

Study: 'Teller Automation and Branch Transformation 2015'

A new report from RBR examines the different approaches financial institutions are taking to the task of branch transformation.

FFIEC to debut cybersecurity self-assessment tool

Financial institutions will be able to use the tool to evaluate their readiness to identify, mitigate and respond to cyber threats.

BECU licenses Inetco big data solution for on-demand member analytics

The self-service analytics solution will allow the credit union to see who is using which ATMs, what transactions they perform, and the quality of service received.

ATM cassette protection company will double output in 2015

Scotland's Scotia Security Group is also moving forward with previously announced plans to expand into the US market this year.

Elan, Euronet enter DCC agreement

Direct currency conversion allows acquirers to offer currency exchange services to consumers who use foreign-issue debit or credit cards.

3VR intros network video option for ATM installations

The 2100 series NVR was developed for installations where space is at a premium and high heat can be a problem.

Survey: Companies' No. 1 fear from DDoS attack is lost business opportunity

Reputational risk and the loss of current customers as the result of an attack are also high on the list of concerns, Kaspersky finds.

Akbank, NCR collaborate on interactive video installations

Turkey's leading bank has completed the f​irst European deployment of the NCR SelfServ 91 Interactive Teller solution.

UK bank hopes to get to the heart of secure authentication

​The Halifax is testing the Nymi Band, a wearable device that authenticates its owner using an electrocardiogram.

India's central bank drafts contactless guidelines

NFC payments up to 2,000 rupees ($32) in value would no longer require two factor authentication under the proposed rules.

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