ATM security: What can we learn from a hacked iPhone?

The ATM industry needs reliable security solutions to address increasing threats — without speculation as to whether there are or should be security backdoors.


Diebold gets off to a rough start with 2016 earnings

Subpar performance in Q1 prompted the company to back off its outlook for the full year, but CEO Andy Mattes says that Diebold has plenty of large deals in the pipeline.

Based on Q1 earnings, NCR turns bullish on full-year outlook

With a 'solid' backlog of orders for software and ATMs, company chairman Bill Nuti says raising full-year guidance was 'responsible of us.'

Smartphones may rule the empire but it's slow going through the kingdom of cash!

The only thing that develops traction is the thing that clearly offers an improvement over what we already have, and mobile wallets just don't have enough going for them right now.

5 business-building benefits of being an ATMIA member

ATMIA provides member benefits that are designed to help the ATM industry continue to grow and prosper, the organization says.

Banks around the globe warming up to cash-recycling ATMs

With Earth Day coming up this Friday, ATM Marketplace takes a look at the industry's worldwide progress on recycling ... cash.

The ATM’s endless possibilities

With the right software and hardware, the humble ATM can do just about anything these days.

Navigating digital disruption in financial services

A look at how today's startups are pushing traditional banks to find new ways to stay relevant to an ever-evolving consumer.

Navigating branch transformation: 3 secrets to success

A webinar on Tuesday, April 19, will look at tactics that can help FIs make their way through a maze of challenges and achieve amazing branch transformation results.

Wells Fargo: Doubling down on card-free ATM access

For the time being, most US FIs are relying on texted codes to offer their customers a cardless ATM option; by implementing NFC as well, Wells Fargo is getting a jumpstart on future interoperability.

Four power moves for traditional financial institutions

One reason why traditional financial institutions are challenged by fintech is their large, departmentalized organizational structure. The other is their large number of legacy systems.

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How Celent Model Bank winner, BECU, improves member experience with omnichannel customer analytics

This report excerpt is taken from the Celent Model Bank 2016 Report (Part II: Case Studies in Omnichannel Banking). It examines key themes in omnichannel banking – understanding, priority, and implementation - and provides a case study detailing the omnichannel customer analytics solution implemented by Celent Model Bank winner, BECU.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: INETCO Systems Limited

Transcend Traditional Self-Service Banking

Driven by a design philosophy that places user experience at the top of the pyramid, our team packaged the most talked-about elements of the Responsive Banking Concept (RBC) into Janus, a freestanding, two-sided self-service terminal that puts advanced transactions into the hands of consumers and drives efficiencies for financial institutions.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Diebold, Incorporated


Guided by advances in technology, market insight, user experience research and entrepreneurial passion—as well as a commitment to co-innovate with our customers—we are shaping future banking capabilities, driven by three core consumer banking experiences.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Diebold, Incorporated

Discover How Diebold's Incubation Team Eliminated Just About Every Traditional ATM Module to Deliver

Inspired by the reaction to Diebold’s Responsive Banking Concept (RBC) the Incubation Team set out to build on one of the most disruptive features: a headless, card-less, fast-cash dispenser that relies on a consumer’s mobile device to complete a cash withdrawal in less than 10 seconds.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: Diebold, Incorporated

Diebold Connects People to Their Money in Convenient New Ways

Our mission is to deliver innovative solutions and services that make businesses better through a powerful combination of customer knowledge, inspired thinking and attentive employees.

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Diebold not only offers compelling cash-recycling technology in stand-alone recyclers, ATMs and branch terminals, but consulting services from fi nancial service experts who can help you craft a cash management strategy tailored to your specifi c needs to maximize ROI.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Diebold, Incorporated

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