Banks gain an ally in mobile payments

MasterCard has added new features to its digital wallet service, including the ability for banks to add contactless payments to their Android mobile banking apps.


Lost in translation: What do all those contactless terms mean?

All members of the payments ecosystem gain from contactless technology and transactions, but an important first step is to start talking about contactless terminology clearly and accurately.

Smartwatch Ado About Nothing (or, How to get rich slowly as an ATM fraudster)

There's been a lot of hoopla lately about a group of researchers who developed an algorithm for stealing PINs from smartwatches. But as ATM fraud headaches go, this one barely rates as a forehead slap.

Walmart Pay completes nationwide rollout as impressive returns roll in

After months of staggered rollouts, the retailer's mobile wallet is now online at all of its 4,600-plus locations across the country — and boasting a repeat user rate of 88 percent.

The 7 sins of ATM cash management

... and how a 6-step, rules-based approach to ATM cash management can help you conquer them.

The best of June at ATM Marketplace

Summer is here, which means it's time to chill, grill — and get into high gear on making ready for the fast-approaching deadline for EMV, a subject touched on in almost all of June's best-read features.

EMV liability shifts: A backward stampede by the networks? [Corrected]

As retailers file suit and legislators fire off letters of inquiry, the card brands seem to be mitigating the harsher aspects of their liability shifts. Could this change the game plan for deployers migrating their ATMs to EMV?

ATMIA initiative aims to ensure cash access for disaster victims

When disaster strikes, victims often find themselves desperately in need of cash. The ATMIA is raising funds to plan and organize the safe and orderly distribution of cash assistance in times of crisis.

How to recognize an ATM paper shell game

As a buyer, you have the right to the exact type and quality of ATM paper you were promised. But how do you know when you’re being scammed?

The terrible toll of going cashless

On a recent road trip, ATM Marketplace blogger Richard Buckle recently discovered that not carrying cash can get very, very expensive.

'Mystifying and problematical': NAC's ATM skimming survey

A recent survey polling independent ATM deployers confirms that card skimming is 'very limited' at retail ATMs ... or does it?

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The Omnichannel Customer Experience: Bridging Virtual and Physical Banking Channels

Financial Institutions (FIs) are only too well aware that they need to provide their customers with an omnichannel experience. Yet they face considerable challenges integrating their digital and their physical channels.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Wincor Nixdorf International

Smart ATMs: Getting the Most from Your ATMs

Are banks getting the most from their ATMs? Many institutions fail to take full advantage of the existing ATM infrastructure, though ATMs will continue to be the primary interface between people and their banks. Ensuring that this “old-fashioned” channel provides better customer experience is vital and can be done through Smart ATMs.

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Sponsor: Auriga

Utility Payment Self-Service Kiosk | Sunson Tech Ltd.

Utility payment self-service kiosk can be used in several places for helping customer to pay their utilities bill at any time and in a nearby location using new service to replace the traditional way for paying such utilities.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Sunson Tech Co. Ltd.

Prepaid Card Issuance Kiosk | Sunson Tech Ltd.

- Prepaid Card issuance and Utility payment self-service kiosk

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Sunson Tech Co. Ltd.

Bulk Dispensing Machine: Your profitable ATM solution

With ergonomic and scalable features for revenue-generating servers, GRG Banking's H22N/L series cash dispenser can change a financial institution's ATM from a cost center to a profit center in different business scenarios.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: GRG Banking Equipment (HK) Co., Ltd

Mobile Charge-Up Kiosk | Sunson Tech Ltd.

This mobile phone charge up kiosk acts as a charging terminal where the customers can charge their mobile phones.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Sunson Tech Co. Ltd.

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