Facilitated Rural Branches: An ATM-centric idea rural India can bank on

In rural villages where the nearest ATM might be a 15-minute bus ride away and branch setup is not viable, FRBs can be a cost-effective alternative.

Befuddled and confused about EMV

Those needing to update their infrastructure to support EMV might be befuddled and confused by chip and signature, but wrongdoers have it all figured out.

ATMs play key role in FIs’ omnichannel strategy

ATMs are primed to play a key role in omnichannel banking, providing a bridge between different delivery channels and enabling FIs to save costs by moving traditional teller transactions to interactive self- service machines.

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UK business rates: An unfair tax on ATMs and cash

ATMs are the latest victim in the rush to levy more taxes in the UK; the result could be machines removed and communities deprived of convenient access to cash.

Preview: 2015 ATM & Mobile Innovation Summit

Technology offers new ways for consumers to hold, control and spend their money. This summit promises to help execs get their arms around the former and meet the expectations of the latter.

How Managed Wireless Service Can Impact Your Business

The Internet is no longer simply a network of personal computers and servers. It has expanded to mobile phones, tablets, and devices we use every day. An additional influx of connected devices—from digital signs and ATMs to home appliances—is commonly referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT).

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The future of the ATM

There are lessons to be learned from countries and markets that are ahead of the United States in ATM development.

Cardless ATM access at the tipping point

Three-and-a-half years after its introduction, it looks as though mobile cash access at ATMs might finally be 'off and running.'

Scary times ahead, indeed!

What is particularly scary is the sheer number and value of transactions being processed today.

The PIN is passé; biometric is BIG

It's not just about mobile payments — ATM transactions and POS payments rely on the PIN, but could easily adapt to biometric authentication.

Can anything stop Cardtronics?

The ATM operator surged ahead in Q2 with lots of good news about earnings — and one piece of really bad news from 7-Eleven.

Bridging the 'transformation gap' with video teller [infographic]

Traditional and digital banking customers want different things from a branch; a VTM allows an FI to serve both in a single, cost-effective environment.

'Diebold 2.0' shifts into phase II

In turnaround terms, Diebold has spent the last two years crawling. Now the company is ready to walk and, eventually, run.

NCR Q2 earnings buffeted by winds of exchange

In a Q2 earnings call, company executives talked at length about adverse FX and a shift to higher margin services — and as little as possible about a rumored buyout.

Money mules a stubborn problem for ATM operators

Money mules are the "last mile" to launder funds gained from illegal activity — and ATMs are often their first stop.

Breaking the ice: The US meets cash recycling ATMs (finally)

With the launch of what they believe to be the nation's first cash recycler in New York City, Elan and Hyosung say the US market is warming up at last to the cost-saving device.

ATMs, electronic benefits ... and the long arm of the law

State legislatures are imposing increasingly restrictive rules on welfare recipients — and are expecting ATM operators to police them.

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Muthoot proposes alternative to India's ATM security guards

Muthoot Pappachan Group has launched MPG Security Group to deliver 'technologically advanced' security services.

Skim-readings: ATM industry news and notes for August

In this roundup: Polls, applause, and a painful lesson in payback.

Wincor, Nokas partner to offer cash optimization for Benelux retailers

The companies have launched a joint venture to provide cash management services, deposit solutions and cash-handling optimization for retail operations and ATMs.

Study: Nontraditional providers will drive financial industry innovation

Not surprisingly, the younger the consumer, the more more likely that a nontraditional provider would be considered a reasonable choice.

India's central bank extends deadline for EMV card migration

The Reserve Bank of India has responded to concerns voiced by the nation's FIs that a September 2015 deadline is impossible to meet.

TMG completes in-market testing of EMV debit

The company has partnered with pilot clients across the US to issue and successfully test EMV debit cards in real-world merchant environments.

Australian IADs seek to lift lid on ATM withdrawals at gaming clubs

A group representing the ATM industry says that 65 percent of the money withdrawn from club ATMs isn't even used for gambling.

Report: Biometric device shipments for financial industry to total 212M units by 2024

Tractica anticipates that finance biometrics hardware and software revenue will increase from $126 million in 2015 to $2.2 billion in 2024.

Eval 4dev sends EMV Level 2 kernel testing to the cloud

Fime says its new solution allows development teams to check their work step by step, reducing the risk of failure in certification testing.

Brunei bank taps Euronet for ATM-switch changeover

The ITM Payment Hub solution allows Brunei-based Perbadanan TAIB to manage a host of transaction functions from a single platform.

Study: Mobile RDC continues to gain ground with US consumers

More than half of all American adults used mobile deposit at least once last year, according to an American Bankers Association survey.

Central bank forecasts drop in Aussie ATM numbers

As Aussies change their spending ways, their ATM visits have declined — and so will the number of cash points across the nation, the Reserve Bank of Australia says.

Chinese FI aims to take ATM cash management savings network-wide

After saving 20 percent on cash management costs in a limited pilot, ICBC Zhongshan is rolling out NCR Aptra OptiCash to its entire 600-unit network.

Rural Wales villagers looking at a long trek to the ATM

Villagers in Conwy reportedly will have to make a 30-mile round trip to reach the nearest cash machine after their local HSBC branch closes.

FIS establishes 'financial inclusion lab' in India

The lab's mission is to create and test solutions that will increase financial literacy for India's unbanked millions.

1,000 bitcoin ATMs going to Greece

With strict capital controls in place and trust in the banking system 'long gone,' Greeks are turning to bitcoin as an alternative to fiat currency.

First Tech, MasterCard pilot puts selfies to the test

'Selfie Pay' will test the use of facial recognition and fingerprint ID for online credit and debit card purchases transacted via smartphone.

No sunglasses, no hats — and definitely, no balaclavas

As South Korea prepares to roll out facial recognition software on ATMs, users of the machines are being advised to be recognizable.

New gateway lets Ghanaians pay online with ATM cards

Previously, only MasterCard- and Visa-branded payment cards could be used for e-commerce.

GCA to rebrand as Everi

The company says its new brand will be an important asset as it works to address new opportunities and expand market share.

Nigeria slashes daily limit for foreign ATM withdrawals

Domestic ATM and debit cards are now limited to $300 per day for foreign ATM cash withdrawals, POS transactions and e-commerce purchases.

ICBA, MoneyPass renew preferred provider agreement

MoneyPass offers special discounts and perks to ICBA member banks that join its nationwide network of 24,000 surcharge-free ATMs.

Thailand licenses China's UnionPay chip card standard

The newly signed agreement signals the first move in China's push to export the UnionPay chip card standard.

Boston-area FI joins ATM cardless cash movement

Avidia Bank, a community FI serving suburban Boston, has partnered with FIS to offer QR code-based cardless cash access at its ATMs.

Third fraudster pleads guilty in cross-country ATM caper

Three co-conspirators skimmed data in Europe and then took a US road trip, stopping at ATMs every few miles to withdraw cash using counterfeit cards.

Partnership ups the effectiveness of check fraud detection

IMM and Advanced Fraud Solutions say they are now able to provide almost real-time notification of potentially fraudulent check transactions.

Industry groups launch EMV consumer education initiative

The program provides messages and materials for industry stakeholders to use in educating consumers about the use and benefits of chip cards.

Capital Prepaid Visa card adds mobile RDC

Using a smartphone, cardholders can take a picture of a check and, if it's approved, load the funds to their card within minutes.

Will mobile payments kill cash?

A new research paper asks — and answers — the question.

Euronet aids Indonesian FI with chip card issuer-acquirer cert

Euronet and its local partner, PT Sigma Cipta Caraka, worked with Bank Antardaerah to implement support for chip card ATM and debit transactions.

EMV solution offers workaround for complex certifications

Payment solutions provider OpenEdge says its systems are tested, certified and ready to process EMV transactions.

DNA approves Fime chip card personalization validation service

The new DNA program confirms that EMV chip cards using the DNA Shared Debit AID and corresponding acceptance terminals comply with DNA requirements.

Australian banks reportedly at odds with Apple over interchange

At the center of the debate is the $2 billion in interchange fees the banks make per year.

Moldova Bank enables ATM-based money transfer with Cash By Code

For security purposes, the transaction provides a two-part code and a 24-hour time window for cash withdrawal by the recipient.

Facial recognition market to see CAGR of 9.5 pct through 2022

According to a new report, the value of the facial recognition market will more than double within the next several years.

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