'Mystifying and problematical': NAC's ATM skimming survey

A recent survey polling independent ATM deployers confirms that card skimming is 'very limited' at retail ATMs ... or does it?


How banks can stay ahead of fintech competitors — and do it in real time

Consumers would prefer to bank with a traditional provider. But in the absence of mobile services they'll look elsewhere, and they have no shortage of options when it comes to nontraditional alternatives.

ATMIA conferences move onward — and upward

A look back at last week's European ATMs conference in London — and a look forward at ATMIA's next iteration of the conference, ATM and Cash Innovation, coming in June 2017.

Two legal points of view underscore ATM patent uncertainty

In legal matters, 'it ain't over 'til it's over' ... and even then you can't be too sure.

How device intelligence can help FIs improve mobile banking security

In April, the FFIEC released updated security guidelines for mobile banking and payments. Here are a few key points for FIs to address as they work to ensure compliance with the new standards .

5 ways for ATM operators to maximize EMV site visits

Not only can these five tips help defray the cost of an ATM site visit, but they can also make the machine itself more profitable over the longer term, offsetting even more of the expense of EMV migration.

Where in the world are the mobile payment users?

Fintech experts have long predicted the widespread use of mobile wallets for assorted payments, but adoption has been sluggish in many Western countries. So who is using them, and why?

'Inventive concept'? An ATM patent suit tests the abstract idea standard

A Nevada district court ruled an ATM patent invalid on the basis that its concept was 'fundamental economic practice long prevalent in our system of commerce.'

14 tips for an effective email marketing campaign

When you send a marketing email for your business, you want it to arrive in the inbox, get viewed and inspire action. Here's how to increase the odds that all of these things will happen.

Burgers for cash ... or burgers and cash?

I can see a transformation under way in which multiple devices morph into one entity and cash is dispensed along with burgers and all the trimmings. You'll be able to get cold cash and hot fries!

The key to ending skimming: A comprehensive approach

It's vital for the ATM industry to take a more holistic approach to tackling skimmers in order to combat criminals' evolving tactics; at the center of this approach will be contactless access.

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moniMOBILE - The Nautilus Hyosung mobile app for ATM maintenance

Nautilus Hyosung is proud to introduce the most powerful tool in the ATM maintenance business – moniMOBILE. It’s the first mobile app for ATM maintenance. This white paper informs merchants and operators how to easily manage their own Nautilus Hyosung ATMs.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Nautilus Hyosung America, Inc.

It’s about people: Putting Relationships Back Into Banking

We believe that banks need to see technology as a way of enabling enhanced personal relationships. New technology is not a means of eradicating people, but as a way of enabling and empowering bank staff to do more, and serve customers better. The bank of the future will succeed because it has the very best technology and the very best people.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Auriga

MagneSafe™ Security Architecture

Better protection for cardholders and their personal data

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: MagTek

Magensa Payment Protection Gateway (MPPG)

Makes PCI compliance easier, safer and faster with a flexible and safe way to conduct payment transactions

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: MagTek

2015 Remote Key Loading Report: Updated June 2016

ATM Key Management Report 2015; Updated June 2016

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Trusted Security Solutions, Inc.

How an ATM transaction really works...

The ATM basics: input and output devices explained

Type: Infographic

Sponsor: FIS

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