4 reasons why the next-gen branch needs self-service coin counting

FIs that consider the service unnecessary could be overlooking benefits that go to the very heart of their branch transformation strategy.

'Unemployed ATMs' anxious about their future?

Can we teach old ATMs new tricks? Or are the demographics simply working against ATMs as younger generations rely more on the smartphones and tablets?

In it for the long haul

In the long run, it's going to be a question of how creative we can be when thinking of what needs to be dispensed to authorized ATM users.

Caffeine-fueled dreams of a new kind of branch

What will the branch of the future really look like? Let's think outside the brick-and-mortar box for a moment.

Hybrid architecture for ATM networks: It’s music to a CIO's ears!

With options, choice, and better use of resources, services at the lowliest ATM can expand in a manner that turns more ideas into greater business value faster.

Bubbling to the top — champagne time for NonStop!

There are few ATM networks today where a NonStop isn't involved, so I expect a big turnout for HPE's NonStop Technical Boot Camp in San Jose, Nov. 15–18.

Yes, that was my money and I saw it on TV!

If we get omnichannel backend processing correct, it doesn't matter all that much where the channels head or what device is on the other end.

Mobile payments set to dominate discussions at Money 20/20

EMV and bank innovation also should be hot topics next week in Las Vegas, writes Mobile Payments Today Editor Will Hernandez.

Friendly ATMs — what brings you back?

If gaining access to money from an ATM crosses the line from convenient and 'cool' to burdensome, the flight from cash will accelerate.

Like empty beer cans, Australian ATMs are being crunched!

A report by the Reserve Bank of Australia says that "it is likely that ATM numbers will begin to fall, given the observed decline in cash use and ATM withdrawals."

'Fearless Imagination': Reimagining FI payments systems

Legacy bank payments systems are under pressure and must be reimagined and transformed as the industry moves forward.

Scary times ahead, indeed!

What is particularly scary is the sheer number and value of transactions being processed today.

Bridging the 'transformation gap' with video teller [infographic]

Traditional and digital banking customers want different things from a branch; a VTM allows an FI to serve both in a single, cost-effective environment.

Blink and you'll get it!

Picture this: MasterCard is piloting a security scheme that will approve bankcard purchases with a selfie — and a blink.

How to upgrade your ATMs to EMV and stay in business

ATM deployers don’t have to choose between EMV upgrades today and fraud risks later; options now available can make migration more affordable.

EMV liability shift for ATMs: Are you feeling lucky?

Nobody — no card network or government or bank — has said that ATM deployers have to upgrade to EMV. But what might you be putting at risk if you don't?

A Greek tragedy: 'The death of cash'

Not a week goes by without some Cassandra predicting the demise of cash. But Greeks' desperate quest to find stocked ATMs says that's more theatrics than fact.

The battle of the bands

Banknotes take a beating from rubber bands. One simple packaging change could greatly improve the fitness of bills in circulation.

Hell's Bells — no more transaction fees!

Payments software giant ACI Worldwide has acknowledged that, in the future, users of licensed payments solutions won't look favorably upon vendors charging transaction fees.

Under the Milky Way tonight ...

How brightly do our systems shine today? How proudly do we stand beneath the overarching technology we rely on to compete in today's business world?

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