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2012 ATM Software Trends and Analysis

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April 17, 2012

ATMmarketplace.com surveyed more than 600 ATM executives around the world about their current software functionalities and plans for the future. This guide, sponsored by KAL ATM Software, contains an overall analysis of their responses, as well as a regional breakdown from executives in the Americas; Europe, the Middle East and Africa; and Asia-Pacific. Learn:

  • New ATM functionalities 
  • The drivers behind changing ATM software
  • What financial institutions plan for ATM software in the future

KAL ATM Software

KAL is the world's leading independent supplier of ATM, Kiosk and Bank Branch software. KAL's extensive experience across all aspects of the market as well as partnerships with the majority of the major players places it at the forefront of the retail banking delivery software providers.

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