Mike Lee / Mike Lee is CEO of the ATM Industry Association

Commentary: The future of cash in a mobile-digital world

What will happen to money, and especially cash, in this new electronic age? Will all money eventually be digitized? Computers have enabled an exponential digitization of information. For example, the amount of data used globally in 2011 accounted for 1.8...

Are you in a race to the top ... or to the bottom?

There's one sure way to determine which direction your organization is moving in: benchmarking.

Commentary: future-proofing the ATM industry

In today's challenging business environment, a proactive approach is a must for survival and growth.

Commentary: Prospects for cash

ATMIA's Mike Lee weighs in on why the instinctive human reliance on cash shows no signs of abating.

Clean ATMs are cool ATMs

GRGBanking recently published a fascinating white paper on ATM hygiene. In the paper, the manufacturer highlights the public health aspect of keeping ATMs clean.

More than 1 million ATMs for over a billion people?

Last year, 50,000 ATMs were added to China's installed base.

Another BRIC in the Wall of Cash

The combined economic output of Brazil, China, India and Russia could eclipse the total output of the current richest countries of the world.

ATM Potential in Africa

In RBR's latest press release entitled "China to become world's largest ATM market by 2015," one piece of information jumped out at me from the page more than any other and it wasn't about China, it was about Africa.The startling...

The Global Rebranding of ISOs

The ATM is a major consumer technology. ATMs can only reach the masses close to where they live, work and shop if national payment systems and ATM networks allow the independent convenience ATM model to flourish alongside the bank and...

Vuvuselas and a Cash Jackpot for the 2010 World Cup

Cape Town, South Africa – The world cup final last Sunday became the most watched soccer match in US television history, whilst Spain registered its highest-ever TV audience to witness its nation become the new world champions. And about half...

A bright future for cash, despite an economic downturn

Mike Lee predicts a massive credit slowdown and an increased use of cash in the wake of the global economic recession.

Future looks bright for ATM growth in China

World's fourth-largest economy is fertile ground for ATM growth.

Another 100 years of cash?

The story of cash has an unexpected twist.

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