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[WEBINAR] Innovation and Security in the Evolution of Digital Commerce and Payments

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April 20, 2017
Mobile blurs the lines between physical and online shopping for both consumers and merchants, and new ways to pay are, in many cases, replacing traditional card-based payments. New options like in-app payments and social media buy buttons focus on improving the overall purchasing experience, rather than just the payment itself. These changes also bring a shift toward increased merchant control of the payment and “frictionless” payments where the consumer needs to manually add little or no authentication data. 
These more transparent payment options call for security and trust models that meet the new challenges and threats. Trust in mobile payments relies on a mixture of secure registration, secure delivery of credentials to the phone and regular, secure replenishment of keys; whereas, in the card world the same keys remain on the card for its whole lifetime. Providers of payment applications, such as banks and alternate payment entities, also need to address multiple mobile schemes, covering all types of phone and operating systems – each having different security and risk management requirements.
In this webinar, we discuss:
  • Security challenges and threats for new payment approaches
  • The impact these new payments have on the current payment ecosystem
  • The required underlying security infrastructure to ensure risk is properly managed and implemented

Meet the panelists

Jose Diaz,
Director of Payment Strategy,
Thales e-Security

Jose Diaz has worked with the Thales (previously Racal) group for over 35 years. Presently, he is Director of Payment Strategy at Thales e-Security with global responsibility in guiding the development of solutions for financial services. During his tenure at Thales, Jose has worked in product development, communication systems design, sales in Latin America and the Caribbean, and business development. He has 4 patents in digital communications and is a graduate of the University of Miami with a MSEE degree.

Will Hernandez,
Editor- MobilePaymentsToday.com,
Networld Media Group

Will has covered and written about the payments industry for ten years and specializes in emerging technology, including mobile payments and the Internet of Things.

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