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[WEBINAR] Five Awesome Ways to Improve Customer Engagement

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Oct. 18, 2016
What if…
You could cut through the Big Data noise, and access information that provides real value to your business unit? Yes – we’re talking quality data that actually answers a business question!
Now consider consumer transaction data gathered across all banking channels. Imagine you could create customized views into this data – and make it accessible anytime, for anyone that needed it.
Sound intriguing? Join Fiserv and INETCO as we share real-world examples of how consumer transaction data is being used to improve customer engagement, across a variety of business units including: 
  • IT operations teams that want to manage the performance of critical devices, applications, networks, and host communications
  • Channel managers that need insight into customer usage, cash flows and channel profitability
  • Card operations teams that care about EMV fallbacks, card usage and interchange fees
  • Digital executives that want a breakdown of customer activity across all digital channels
  • Risk management and security teams looking to quickly identify weird transaction activity

Meet the panelists

David Johnson
Product Manager Advisory, Self-Service Solutions

David has over 16 years of international ATM solutions experience including roles in IT Management, Operations, Marketing and Product Management. He is currently responsible for Fiserv’s software solutions for ATM Management used by large banks, ATM Operators and Managed Services Providers globally.

Marc Borbas
VP of Product Marketing

As the VP of Product Marketing, Marc Borbas sets the product strategy for INETCO’s real-time transaction monitoring and customer engagement analytics solutions. Marc has worked in the application and network security software industry for more than 15 years, and has an extensive background in business strategy and product development.

Suzanne Cluckey
Editor, ATM Marketplace
Networld Media Group

Suzanne's professional experience includes news reporting and editing, corporate communications and marketing strategy. Her work has appeared in business and consumer publications around the world and has won local and national awards.

INETCO Systems Limited

INETCO provides real-time transaction monitoring software and customer analytics applications for retail banks and payment processors who need to capture and analyze transaction data across all their ATM, POS, Mobile Banking, Branch and Internet Banking environments.

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