[WEBINAR] ATM jackpotting: The latest news on attack methods, targets, trends and defenses

[WEBINAR] ATM jackpotting: The latest news on attack methods, targets, trends and defensesPublication Type:

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Cybercrime and logical attacks threaten the security of the ATM channel and the trust of ATM users.
If you haven't yet experienced a jackpotting attack on your ATM fleet, you should assume that it's only a question of time until you do.
The first step to protect your ATMs against compromise is to understand exactly how criminals carry out these attacks and the vulnerabilities they exploit to jackpot am ATM.
In this webinar, we examine methods of attack and defense, answering questions that include: 
  • What exactly is jackpotting and how is it done? 
  • How do malware and black box attacks differ? 
  • What are the industry best practice defenses? 

Meet the panelists

Tom Moore
TMD Security

Tom is based in Philadelphia and joined TMD Security in 2013 and specializes in ATM security. Previously, he worked at NCR for 28 years in a variety of senior sales management roles related to ATMs, core banking and payments. 

Matthias Thiele
TMD Security

Matthias is a native of Germany now based in Austin, Texas. He joined TMD Security in 2017; previously, he worked at ACG, and before that, at Wincor Nixdorf for 30 years in a series of senior international assignments. 

Vincent Wong
TMD Security

Vincent Wong is based in Malaysia, and is a subject matter expert in ATM security and compliance. He joined TMD in 2018; previously he worked for NCR Corp., APAC for 3 years, he spent 4 years with IBM and 7 years with Symantec Corporation focusing on endpoint and data security. 

Suzanne Cluckey
Editor, ATM Marketplace
Networld Media Group

Suzanne Cluckey is an award-winning writer with an extensive background in publishing, advertising and marketing, corporate communications, and radio and television production.

TMD Security GMBH

TMD Security is the global leader in security solutions for ATMs and SSTs. TMD’s Card Protection Kit (CPK) and Active DIP Kit (ADK) protect more than 350,000 ATMs worldwide. TMD’s expanding solution portfolio also includes Card Protection Plate that defends against Deep Insert Skimming, and new game-changing physical security solutions including Intrusion Defence Kit and TMD Lock. Security Management Software delivers Security Kit Monitoring for total control, together with Access Management and Profile Management to defend against logical attacks including Jackpotting. Welcome to the next level in ATM security.

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