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ATM Network Isolation: Reducing Network Vulnerability and PCI-Audit Scope

ATM Network Isolation: Reducing Network Vulnerability and PCI-Audit ScopePublication Type:
White Paper

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The Ventus Branch ATM Network Isolation white paper discusses the benefits of network isolation over network segmentation of the ATM network at the branch.  Traditional off-site or remote ATMs have utilized secure 4G LTE, PCI compliant networks to deliver fast, secure, ATM services for banks and credit unions customers can now be used to provide business continuity at the branch.  

Improve Customer Satisfaction -- Separating the ATM network from the branch network provides continuity to banks and credit unions customers needing access to their account during branch network disconnects.

Limit PCI Audit Scope -- Reduce network vulnerability by isolating the 4G LTE network designs for branch ATMs eliminating access to other devices on the branch network and limit PCI audit scope.

Reduce Cardholder's Risk -- Secure customer data reduces cardholders' risk and ensures sensitive data only traverses encrypted pathways.


Ventus Global Network Solutions

Ventus is the industry leader providing innovation in M2M, ATM, Kiosk, and Self-Service networking;  delivering reliable network availability and PCI-secure wireless networking. We offer the easiest deployments, broadest coverage and most robust monitoring and management tools available.

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