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Shield Your ATM and Your Profits

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White Paper

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Aug. 24, 2016

Protecting your ATM investment is crucial in maintaining profitability. Equipment malfunctions and maintenance requirements resulting from general wear and tear cause downtime, which quickly cuts into revenue. Fortunately, there is a product available to safeguard ATMs from a variety of everyday exposures including weather, and food and beverage spills.

ATM Shield, an exclusive patented product made from a flexible layer of custom formulated, vacuum-sealed plastic that easily adheres to machine components; using a high quality 3M™ adhesive border forming a watertight gasket, protects the keypad and screen, ultimately saving ATM owners thousands of dollars on repairs and lost customer usage.


ATMequipment.com is North America’s leading wholesale supplier of retail ATM machines, parts, and supplies. More than just an exceptional ATM industry website, ATMequipment.com has an extensive Repair Service Center and repairs most brands of ATM components. ATMequipment.com provides ATM ISOs/IADs and ATM Operators with superior customer service and one-stop shopping for everything needed to operate an ATM business. 

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