[Micro-Webinar] ATM Management: Are You a Leader or a Laggard?

[Micro-Webinar] ATM Management: Are You a Leader or a Laggard?Publication Type:

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Managing a multi-vendor ATM network is becoming increasingly complex. Is your operations able to keep up with customer expectations and cost pressures? Can you quickly identify, measure and manage disruptions in your network and get the level of service you expect from your service vendors? Watch this micro webinar as Fiserv discusses best practices and forward thinking ATM management strategies that set leading ATM deployers apart from the pack. 

What we’ll cover:

  • Key operational challenges and what areas to focus on
  • Emerging trends found in ATM management
  • Optimizing help desk operations
  • How to get more value from your maintenance spend
  • Developing metrics to drive better performance

Meet the panelists

David Johnson
Director Product Management, Self-Service Solutions

David Johnson has over 16 years of international ATM solutions experience including roles in IT Management, Operations, Marketing and Product Management. He is currently responsible for Fiserv’s software solutions for ATM Management used by large banks, ATM Operators and Managed Services Providers globally.

Suzanne Cluckey
Editor, ATM Marketplace
Networld Media Group

Suzanne's professional experience includes news reporting and editing, corporate communications and marketing strategy. Her work has appeared in business and consumer publications around the world and has won local and national awards.


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