It is clear cash is here to stay, but banks need to improve their offering

It is clear cash is here to stay, but banks need to improve their offeringPublication Type:
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Have banks realized the importance of personalization?

As banks look to reduce costs wherever they can, they are removing branch staff and replacing them with ATMs and ASDs/ASSTs (Assisted Self-Service Devices/Assisted Self-Service Terminals). But just as important as lowering costs is customer loyalty, which is driven by customer service. Customers have long made clear that they value banks understanding their sometimes complex, but always personal, requirements.

Auriga has been able to show that both goals are achievable: heightened customer service through technological development. Auriga’s WinWebServer (WWS) software suite ensures a smooth and integrated experience across every platform, where a user is able to begin a transaction on one channel and complete it in another, with all their personal preferences already in place.

Personalization also offers opportunities for banks – tailored product offers can capture new customers and a celebratory Happy Birthday message provides a more familiar touch.

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Auriga is a software solutions company, specialized in end-to-end systems that integrate the various delivery channels used in retail banking.

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