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INETCO Analytics™ – Game-changing knowledge of where, when and how customers bank

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Fact Sheet

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Nov. 18, 2016

Whether you are tracking card performance, detecting transaction anomalies, or trying to gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior and channel profitability, it is time to make data accessibility the focus of your analytics strategy.

Transaction data is the key to understanding customer banking behaviors. This rich data source contains useful intelligence that will help you identify ways to acquire new customers, deliver more value to existing ones, and enhance profitability - across all your banking channels. 

But gaining access to transaction data can be a costly, resource-intensive process. This data is often owned by multiple teams, provided in multiple protocols, and delivered in fragments that make it hard to analyze. This is why leading financial institutions are now turning to INETCO Analytics™. 

INETCO Systems Limited

INETCO provides real-time transaction monitoring software and customer analytics applications for retail banks and payment processors who need to capture and analyze transaction data across all their ATM, POS, Mobile Banking, Branch and Internet Banking environments.

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