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Heathcare Kiosk | Sunson Tech Ltd.

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White Paper

Published / Updated:
Nov. 9, 2016


  • The Sunson Healthcare Kiosk can be deployed in any public place to help the public to monitor their own health status, to help public people to be careful on their food, exercise and  living habits.
  • Can also be connected to any clinic to help the doctor to pre-diagnose the patients.
  • The kiosk can be also deployed in any pharmacy to help the people to realize the health situation.

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Sunson Tech Co. Ltd.

Shenzhen SUNSON Tech is a very fast growing financial and banking system kiosk solution and signage system provider, we have a 15 software engineers team, we also have dedicated software development team leading by an overseas engineer with rich payment and bank industry experience to support the overseas market.

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