Avoid EMV Pitfalls: Save Time & Money with Clean Card Readers

Avoid EMV Pitfalls: Save Time & Money with Clean Card ReadersPublication Type:
White Paper

Published / Updated:
April 19, 2017

Malfunctioning card readers can effect transaction times and cause misreads. In extreme cases, card readers will lose the ability to accept card information. In both cases, ATM operators face lower and/or lost transaction volumes - leading to additional costs in card reader maintenance, repair and technician costs.

This issue is especially detrimental in the case of EMV card readers, where equipment is more sensitive and must create a connection with the embedded chip.

Machines incapable of performing an EMV transaction may be held liable for fraudulent activity at the ATM.

Nautilus Hyosung America, Inc.

Nautilus Hyosung America (Hyosung) has over 28 year history in the self-service & ATM business, with proven technologies for ATMs and self-service products.

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