ATM - Mobile Integration Guide: Strategies for Successful Omnichannel Banking

ATM - Mobile Integration Guide: Strategies for Successful Omnichannel BankingPublication Type:

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Consumers have come to expect the ability to handle their banking needs on various channels. Some tasks are accomplished by visiting a branch, others are done at the ATM and still more are handled online or via mobile. ATM Marketplace surveyed financial institutions worldwide and conducted detailed interviews with leading European and U.S. banks to illustrate trends in multichannel banking. This guide examines cross-channel strategies and identifies how the role of the ATM will evolve in the future omnichannel banking environment. The ATM-Mobile Integration Guide, sponsored by Auriga, addresses points such as:

  • Key trends in cross-channel integration
  • Mobile wallets
  • Branch transformation
  • Cardless withdrawals through mobile pre-staging


Auriga is a software solutions company, specialized in end-to-end systems that integrate the various delivery channels used in retail banking.

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