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A98 Key Lock Box White Paper

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White Paper

Published / Updated:
Feb. 7, 2017

Eliminate stored paper components forever and become PCI v2 compliant. Trusted Security Solutions, founder of the A98 ATM Initial Key Establishment System, is pleased to bring you an amazing new solution that eliminates the need to store certain paper key components.

The A98 Key-Lock-Box is a simple solution for PCI  compliance. With A98-KLB, you can destroy your paper components while using a compliant key decomposition and storage solution.  If your institution manages cryptographic keys, you need the A98 Key-Lock-Box. 

Trusted Security Solutions, Inc.

Trusted Security's A98 System provides a compliant and efficient solution for establishing unique initial keys in each ATM. A98 uses remote key loading when possible and alternatively uses its patented Comvelope© solution to automate key loading of legacy ATMs.

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