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A speedy way to pay your speeding ticket

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Special Report

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Dec. 15, 2016

When General Payment Systems, Inc. (GPSI) made the move into courthouse payment systems, they needed a compact solution that focused on a number of criteria including efficiency and reliability.

The company found the perfect product thanks toan innovative cash recycler from Crane Payment Innovations. “We were moving into the court space and ultimately we wanted to find a way for traffic tickets and fines to be paid quickly,” said Chris Trujillo, Operations Manager at GPSI. Fundamentally, any product also had to be able to fit into a compact space, because, as Mr. Trujillo states “courthouse lobbies are not big places and kiosks are traditionally large.”

Crane Payment Innovations

Offering a wide range of automated cash payment solutions, Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) helps its customers find new operational efficiencies and improve the bottom line.

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