How BMO used a 'smart campaign' to introduce digital innovation

Feb. 17, 2017 | by Suzanne Cluckey

According to Rachel Rich, BMO vice president and senior marketing manager for channel marketing in North America, there are three major objectives to retail banking innovation:

  • keep the customer at the center of everything you do;
  • simplify, crystalize and validate the technologies you're bringing to your customers; and
  • test, learn and then innovate in the ongoing evolution of retail banking services.

At the 2016 Bank Customer Experience Summit last fall, Rich described how BMO applied these objectives to the development of four new retail banking initiatives — which the bank rolled out in the span of just two weeks — and then managed to humanize these digitally driven programs so that customers would feel comfortable using them. 

In an information-packed 15-minute presentation, Rich described the marketing approach she and her team used to introduce:

  • cardless cash;
  • new mobile functionality;
  • a renovated Chicago branch where customers are surrounded by digital technologies; and
  • video teller machines.

And she related how BMO successfully answered the all-important question: How do we bring this all together and reinvent ourselves in a way that breaks through the clutter and doesn't overwhelm our staff?

Watch the presentation:

Learn more about the Bank Customer Experience Summit and the 2017 summit agenda.

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