EMV upgrade financing solutions from National Cash Systems

MasterCard’s October 2016 deadline for U.S. ATM deployers to upgrade their ATM fleet to EMV has now passed, and Visa and the other card networks’ October 2017 deadline is looming.

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Upgrade to EMV before your ATMs become a fraud target

ATM deployers who aren't EMV-ready could face much higher costs.

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EMV at the ATM: What you need to know

As every U.S. ATM operator should know by now, the deadlines for migrating to EMV are fast approaching.

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Taxation without representation: As bad an idea as ever

ISOs around the country purchase their ATMs and parts from a network of manufacturers and grey market suppliers on the web. The implementation of an internet sales tax on these transactions would increase costs and almost certainly end up decreasing competition.

Following death blow to Winklevoss ETF, bitcoin bounces back

The price of bitcoin is off only about 5 percent since Friday, when the SEC nixed the Winklevoss-backed proposal for a bitcoin exchange-traded fund. Which raises the question, "Was the commission's decision a foregone conclusion from the get-go?"

The Diebold-Hyosung ATM patent war: Win, lose or draw?

The competitors have been locked in a patent battle for 15 months so far. How much longer might this 'knock-down, drag-out' drag on?

Competitive concerns over Link ATM network cloud MasterCard-VocaLink deal

In its assessment of a proposed MasterCard-VocaLink deal, the UK Competition and Markets Authority has zeroed in on competitive concerns related to one of its components — the Link ATM network.

Diebold vs. Hyosung: Sorting out the first-round decision in the ATM-makers' patent battle

The companies' patent wars before the International Trade Commission and US federal court spilled over into the court of public relations yesterday.

After demonetization, India queues up for cash

Indians have responded to the overnight demonetization of 500 and 1,000 rupee banknotes with the patience of people long accustomed to queuing for service in a nation whose banking infrastructure is scrambling to catch up with its sprinting economy.

'An enormous moment in time': The financial services sector awaits US election results

As the strangest-ever US election cycle finally comes to a close, the financial services sector searches for clues about the regulatory leanings of the major party candidates.

Did the CFPB just become 'a political football'?

This week, a U.S. Court of Appeals granted the financial industry a long-wished-for curb on the unfettered power of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Sort of.

Mike Keller reflects on 10 years of fighting for the legislative interests of ATM owners

After more than 10 years co-chairing the ATMIA government relations committee, Keller will step down in 2017. Here, he shares his thoughts on GRC accomplishments.

What UK scrutiny of the Diebold Nixdorf deal signifies

The UK Competition Markets Authority wants reassurances that the Diebold Nixdorf combination will not harm the ATM market in Great Britain. But what does this mean for the larger acquisition picture?

Two legal points of view underscore ATM patent uncertainty

In legal matters, 'it ain't over 'til it's over' ... and even then you can't be too sure.

How device intelligence can help FIs improve mobile banking security

In April, the FFIEC released updated security guidelines for mobile banking and payments. Here are a few key points for FIs to address as they work to ensure compliance with the new standards .

'Inventive concept'? An ATM patent suit tests the abstract idea standard

A Nevada district court ruled an ATM patent invalid on the basis that its concept was 'fundamental economic practice long prevalent in our system of commerce.'

ATM Marketplace: Most-read features for May

As fast as May zoomed by, it would come as no surprise if you missed an ATM Marketplace feature or two. We've collected our top five articles here in one place for your speedy review.

Durbin goes after the card networks again; this time over EMV

'EMVCo standards have been technologically inadequate and their implementation has caused chaos in the U.S. market ... ' With these words, the senator from Illinois seems to be saying that he's ready to take on the global card brands once more.

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