BEC MX-200

The BEC MX-200 Advanced Industrial 4G LTE Router is a high performance wireless platform enabling real-time 4G Cellular data connectivity for your existing serial devices and Ethernet network.

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2016 ATM and Self-Service Software Trends

ATMs will play an increasingly critical role in retail banking for the foreseeable future, as the result of the growing preference among consumers for self-service solutions. ATM Marketplace has compiled a map of the future covering the critical concerns of financial institutions.

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How to win over the Underbanked Consumer: One transaction at a time

Did you know that 79% of consumers now consider their banking relationship as merely transactional? There is a new customer segment which is challenging the banking industry: The Überbanked Consumer.

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Love at the ATM

The ATM is celebrated for its advanced capabilities — charitable donations, direct currency conversion, mobile phone top-up, bill pay and more. But matchmaking? Who knew?

2017: A big year for the ATM industry

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the ATM and the 20th anniversary of the ATM Industry Association, both in 2017, there is plenty to celebrate and commemorate.

The 'ultimate bank customer experience': Are we there yet?

At the BCX Summit, CarrieAnne Cormier of Avidia Bank talked about the importance of serving customers with the right balance of high-tech and high-touch.

How Umpqua Bank answered the question, 'What business are we in?'

At last week's Bank Customer Experience Summit in Chicago, Brian Read explained why Umpqua's answer wasn't the obvious one.

Banking on customer experience

ATM Industry Association CEO Mike Lee explains why he intends not to miss the 2016 Bank Customer Experience Summit this September in Chicago.

7 reasons why the Bank Customer Experience Summit should be on your fall travel calendar

If your business is about banking for people, not "consumers," here are several excellent reasons to register immediately for this September summit in Chicago.

ATMIA initiative aims to ensure cash access for disaster victims

When disaster strikes, victims often find themselves desperately in need of cash. The ATMIA is raising funds to plan and organize the safe and orderly distribution of cash assistance in times of crisis.

Video: Retailers dive into technology at Interactive Customer Experience Summit

The Interactive Customer Experience (ICX) Summit featured almost three days of education, networking and tours.

ATMIA conferences move onward — and upward

A look back at last week's European ATMs conference in London — and a look forward at ATMIA's next iteration of the conference, ATM and Cash Innovation, coming in June 2017.

Battling ATM crime with a blunt sword

While international crime groups are acting fast, intelligently and with the backing of huge amounts of money, industry players are fighting in single battlefields and sometimes with blunt swords. It’s time to rethink our strategy in fighting ATM crime.

5 business-building benefits of being an ATMIA member

ATMIA provides member benefits that are designed to help the ATM industry continue to grow and prosper, the organization says.

Wells Fargo: Doubling down on card-free ATM access

For the time being, most US FIs are relying on texted codes to offer their customers a cardless ATM option; by implementing NFC as well, Wells Fargo is getting a jumpstart on future interoperability.

Meet MonRo, the money robot

Even in the midst of a period of accelerated innovation in the global ATM industry, it is striking to see the role of robots being taken so seriously in self-service.

No more cash, cards or keys? Shut the front door!

For much of the world's population, cash still dominates, so having a real wallet seems most appropriate — even if access to cash withdrawal is via a mobile phone.

ATMs and mobile wallets: Bumping down the road to ubiquity

In a pre-conference workshop at ATMIA 2016, a small army of experts offered an overview of brand-name mobile wallets and the problems the industry must solve to make them interoperable at the ATM.

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