Burt Matthews
Burt Matthews is the president of OptConnect. OptConnect, a Grant Victor company, is the industry leader in wireless connectivity solutions for ATMs throughout North America. Burt is also active in ATMIA and currently serves as a U.S. Board Member. www

Convert to wireless as part of ADA compliance strategy

Recently, I discussed how converting an entire ATM portfolio to wireless is easier and more cost effective than you may think. As you put your ADA compliance strategy in place, may I suggest you consider using this opportunity to transition...

Converting an entire ATM portfolio to wireless is easier, more cost effective than you may think

In past blog posts I’ve explained the benefits of converting to wireless, and how it’s become the new standard for ATM connectivity. IADs who are interested in saving money on their communication costs sometimes ask me: • What is the...

A visit to CTIA: machine-to-machine wireless communications growing

The fact is ATM wireless technology has evolved for the good at a high rate of speed over the past few years. It really is becoming the connectivity standard for the retail ATM industry.

Wireless is the standard in ATM connectivity

Many of the problems that prevented independent ATM deployers (IADs) from adopting wireless technology have now been fully addressed.

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