Brendan Burge
Brendan Burge is a career marketing and sales professional whose experience spans both currency supply chain management and radio and television broadcasting. For the past 16 years Brendan has focused on cultivating his experience in central bank, cash vault, retail banking and commercial/retail currency management. He has worked for both equipment and software solutions suppliers managing territories in North, Central and South America, Caribbean, Europe and Asia. www

The battle of the bands

Banknotes take a beating from rubber bands. One simple packaging change could greatly improve the fitness of bills in circulation.

What's in your currency chest?

Recently, Counting on Currency shared the vision of the Reserve Bank of India for banknote management. Reader skepticism about its viability prompted a closer look.

The tipping point for polymer banknotes

Is it possible that we have reached the tipping point for polymer banknotes? A recent article in the Central Banking Journal suggests that, with the adoption of polymer in Canada and the recent announcement that the Bank of England will...

Self-cleaning currency? Could be.

We have all had the experience of receiving a poor quality, dirty banknote as change in a purchase. It might even have been issued by a bank teller, or worse, an ATM. There are many reasons that dirty money is circulated.

The currency of infographics in the conversation about currency

As information and knowledge grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to convey concepts and opinions without some assistance. Re-enter the information graphic, which has been with us since Homo erectus first learned to draw. In this current age we know these mechanisms as infographics.

Currency developers have patent headaches, too

There are three intimidating words any developer of currency solutions can hear regarding a competitor's solution: "currency patent(s) pending." Today, every component of the currency cycle — from design through creation, distribution, processing accounting, forecasting and ultimately destruction — is...

Coming up this month: ICCOS EMEA 2014

The Cash Cycle Seminar is just around the corner, taking place Feb. 24–26 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Counting on currency again!

With a New Year upon us, what better way to celebrate a fresh start than to relate a recent experience that highlights the persistent truth that we are counting on currency — again. Many times I've shared stories and forecast...

Will retail cash recycling result in lower quality cash?

Many of the manufacturers of retail cash smart safes are starting to talk about the viability of smart safe recycling devices. It is widely accepted that retail smart safes are the next big trend in retail cash management, but will...

Canada completes polymer banknote conversion

"Canada completes polymer banknote conversion" is much more than a headline about a national banknote series refresh. Canada has now completed the release of its first series of polymer banknotes. The series incorporates five denominations: $5; $10; $20; $50; and...

Put your trust in cash

One of the great benefits of traveling as much as I do is the privilege of meeting people. I am rarely disappointed when I strike up a conversation with a complete stranger, because it affords me the opportunity to experience...

Reinventing cash in transit

The inaugural conference of the Secure Cash & Transport Association was held last week at the Drake Hotel in Chicago. As an attendee of this first event, I can attest to the value of both the information and the education...

The truth behind the use of cash

The Federal Reserve System Cash Product office has recruited members of the public to participate in a research project called "Diary of Consumer Payment Choice." The focus of the research was to uncover the truth behind the use of cash...

A banknote's other role: reflecting political change

Banknotes are more than just units of exchange. They fulfill other roles too, including a psychological role in promoting the values of the country they represent. In this context, an important but often overlooked job of a banknote can be...

For life's simple pleasures, cash

There is a definite imbalance in the advertising war on cash. We have seen the credit card companies, debit card providers, e-payment companies and even fringe payment options like Bitcoin getting monumental media and advertising exposure — all of them...

Next generation cash management in the cloud

Editor’s Note: Counting on Currency offers the following blog not as a recommendation or confirmation of the solution, but simply as a newsworthy new idea. After writing many articles about hypothetical next generation cash management solutions, I was surprised to...

The Bank Conference Buzz: West versus East

I must admit that I have been saving up a bit of enthusiasm for this post! Mostly I wanted to have two similar yet different conference experiences behind me. It was my good fortune to attend both the recent 2011...

GRG Banking: A rising star in cash processing

Over the years, I have found it interesting and informative to follow the adventures of new companies as they start to make a name for themselves. About a year ago, I was introduced to a company out of China called...

Virtual Currency - The Dark Side

Regular readers of Counting On Currency will know that I am committed to the future of hard currency. This does not mean however, that I am not interested in virtual currency. One particular form of virtual currency that has my attention is BitCoin.

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