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Reflections on ATMIA US 2017

With a full slate of speakers, panels, exhibits and meetings, the annual ATM Industry Association conference once again offered the opportunity to stay abreast of developments in the global ATM industry. Here is what we learned at ATMIA this year.

ATM industry insights from the Fed's payment study

The Federal Reserve has released the sixth study in its series of triennial reports on payment trends in the United States. Though its focus is on noncash payments, the study does offer insights for the ATM industry.

Never mind what you heard; millennials use cash

You can believe the Fed's latest report that says they do, or you can believe an endless parade of unscientific online polls that say otherwise.

EMV Apocalypse Now

This year's EMV liability shifts will radically change the retail ISO landscape by 2018. How do we know? Because we've seen this movie before, played out in other mature post-EMV markets.

How to upgrade your ATMs to EMV and stay in business

ATM deployers don’t have to choose between EMV upgrades today and fraud risks later; options now available can make migration more affordable.

A Greek tragedy: 'The death of cash'

Not a week goes by without some Cassandra predicting the demise of cash. But Greeks' desperate quest to find stocked ATMs says that's more theatrics than fact.

Cash is half of the US payments pie

Those who prefer cash use cash. Those who prefer cards use cash. In short, everyone uses cash, according to the new Fed study 'Consumer Preferences and the Use of Cash.'

The Walmartization of EMV

America's largest retailer will bulldoze the remaining barriers to EMV adoption, which might have ramifications at the ATM.

Staying ahead of ATM skimmers

ATM security is like an ongoing race between the good guys and bad guys. As soon as the industry develops a technological advantage to defeat one method of ATM skimming, it seems criminals find another way to steal card data....

Here come the regulators!

In what is likely more of a trend than a blip, two regulators have already weighed in on behalf of disgruntled constituents in the payment security debate. And who can blame them? Politicians feel most empowered and useful when they...

Ignorance is no defense

In a disturbing study released in early March, Newtek Business Services threw a cold, wet towel over the notion that merchants were ready for — or even informed about — the changes coming with EMV. Of more than 1,400 merchants...

3 irrefutable reasons why ISOs must up their game against fraud

Heartland, Target, Neiman Marcus; Congressional hearings, NRF vs. banks; liability shift deadlines, PCI, processing AIDs – it's enough to make your head spin.

Reflections on ATMIA US 2014

"Reinventing the ATM," the theme of this year's ATMIA US conference in Orlando, Fla., proved to be highly appropriate. ISOs and vendors this year spent a considerable amount of time at the show exploring ways to expand the profitability of...

Gas pump skimming and ATMs

This month, the Manhattan District Attorney indicted four lead defendants on charges of skimming gas pumps to steal customer bank data, which was used steal and launder more than $2 million in cash at ATMs. While this is not an...

Stoking the fire in the cash debate

For more than twenty years, the "Death of Cash" argument has been fairly stale. Its advocates argue that cash is inconvenient, impractical and ultimately will be overtaken by new electronic payment technologies. "Cash Lives" supporters argue that cash is convenient...

A manufacturer's dilemma

Editor's note: Remember the "I Love Lucy" episode (#39) that had Lucy and Ethel working on a candy factory production line wrapping chocolates? If so, you'll know exactly what this blog post from Triton is all about. Too fast! Too...

Wherever there's commerce, there should be an ATM!

There was a time when independent retailers didn't give ATMs a second thought. Today, flea market owners like Steve Blakewood see ATMs as indispensable. In fact, the owner of the Waldo Farmers & Flea Market in Waldo, Fla. found that his first Triton ATM was so popular that he recently added a second.

ATM updates, upgrades and unbudgeted expense

No industry has been hit by change over the past few years quite like the ATM industry. The emergence of 3DES, VISA-certified keypads, PCI-certified keypads, new ADA mandates, and the adoption of EMV have our collective heads spinning with "mandate...

EMV is your weapon!

For U.S. ISOs, taking a "wait and see" approach to EMV is a perfectly defensible strategy.

EMV FAQs - Part I

ATM industry members have no shortage of questions about EMV-related issues. So Triton has compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers.  What are the EMV deadlines?       April 19, 2013 — Liability shifted for MasterCard Maestro transactions.

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