Arjan Schutte
Arjan Schütte is a managing partner with Core Innovation Capital and serves as senior advisor to the Center for Financial Services Innovation. He is a recognized industry expert with a background in private equity-funded technology companies. www

Approval for the Approved Card

Suze Orman today announced her new Approved Card, because in her words (and inflection), "You. Can.

Welcome Green Dot Bank

On Freedom Boulevard in Provo, Utah, nestled between the mountains of Uinta National Forest and Lake Utah is a nice little one-branch bank, pictured above. It looks innocent enough.

Not unbanked, untapped

Most believe the underserved are large in numbers and small in market potential. Of course, micro lenders around the world, such as Nobel laureate Grameen Bank, who serve the poor with small, market rate "business" loans have demonstrated it's big...

The “Say/Do” contradiction

A wise COO pointed out the "say/do" contradiction the other day. It is something that beguiles anyone trying to understand their customer, but especially those who are serving "them." Let me clarify: we all say we want to lose weight, pay off our debt, run a marathon, save for college, buy only organic, floss.

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