Alicia Ridley
Alicia Ridley is the president of, North America’s leading wholesale supplier of retail ATM machines, parts, supplies, and repair services. The company provides ATM operators with superior customer service and one-stop shopping for all ATM needs. www

ATMIA U.S. Defense Fund protects interests of ATM industry

Due to major and unexpected shifts in our economy and ongoing legislative developments, the past couple of years have resulted in an increase in regulatory and network challenges for the financial-services industry in the U.S., ranging from the Harkin Amendment,...

Genmega 2500: New ATM backed by years of industry-established components

When a new ATM (or any product for that matter) is launched in the market, purchasing hesitation is generally brought on by fears that the product will have early recall-related issues. Luckily, with Genmega – a new ATM brand that...

ADA compliance planning: Simpler than you may think

With numerous articles circulating about the new ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) regulations, IADs may be feeling overwhelmed finding the time to create a plan and budgeting for the costs required to bring their ATMs into full compliance. You might...

Nautilus Hyosung NH-2700CE: enhanced features and good looking curves work in any location

The NH-2700CE is a wonderful machine destined to be the new workhorse in the industry.

Five ways to increase ATM profitability

When it comes to evaluating your portfolio, it’s no surprise to find that no ATM location is the same. You might find that you may only need to make a slight change to one location, whereas you need to implement all five of the above suggestions to another.

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