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This is not just a kiosk or an ATM, it performs as both. It's name is POS ATM Kiosk.

  • Features include:
  • Niche Market
  • Diversified installation options
  • Cost Effective, integrated card reader, printer with EPP within a POS system
  • Free Maintenance

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Products and Services


The POS ATM is designed as an economic ATM, it is driven by POS system functioning checking, advertising, transaction and withdrawing money. We are capable of designing and manufacturing customized ATMs, foreign exchange machines and other cash machines as OEM or ODM. Learn more »

Contactless Payment Terminal | Security Transaction Module SPT085A

SPT085A is a smart contact and contactless payment terminal without a required PIN, it is a smart solution applied in parking system, vending system, payment kiosks system, gaming machines, and any other micropayment solution application. Learn more »

Metal Keyboard- SPC288BG

SPC288BG stainless steel keyboard is suitable for a number of harsh and public access environments such as self-service kiosks, public access kiosks and industrial process control.    A wide range of models are available with combinations of full-QWERTY and numeric keypad. Other hardware options include tracker balls and pointing devices. PIN pad only and trackball only modules are available.  Learn more »


This encrypted pin pad has standard 232 serial communication, water proof, dust proof and vandalism resistance design, customized layout and many other features. Learn more »

Touch screen payment desktop kiosk

Kiosk or self-service terminals used for for customer support services such as balance inquiries, tourist information,smart card recharge, flights and booking tickets or tickets. the PCI approved EPP, and EMV card reader will keep the process safe. Learn more »

Payment Terminal

SIT-112 Payment Terminal - This 3 - in - 1 terminal is an unattended payment terminal, integrated card reader, PINPAD and display module (optional) to make self-service payments easier.  Learn more »

Lobby photo printing cash payment touchscreen kiosk

Basic Applications: Card&Cardless Payment/ Retail/ Ordering Wireless 3G Internet Access,Information Interactive touchscreen  Secure Surveillance Media,File,Map Download,Upload,Upgrade Coupons,Receipt,Ticket printing VIOP/Advertisement Learn more »

Cash deposit withdraw money transfer information self - service banking kiosk

Main applications for supermarkets, large-scale shopping malls, exclusive agencies, chain shops, large-scale sales, star-rated hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, pharmacy. Learn more »

ATM - SE8098A

Shenzhen Sunson Tech Co. Ltd is a high-tech company professionally engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing special peripherals (input devices) of ATMs. The SE8098A ATM has a stainless steel keypad, two million-cycle keypad lifetime, ability to customize layouts, authorization for removal and installation support, connectors for function keys and Beep and 10 numerical keys and 6 function keys. Learn more »

ATM - SE8098B

The ATM SE8098B has many benefits such as easy connectivity to various terminals through USB and RS232 ports, provides ATMs with advanced security features to keep up with changing standards and regulations and rugged design that can withstand both indoor and outdoor applications. Learn more »

Encrypting Pin Pad - SE8098C

The SE8098C has a USB interface, supports RSA and RKL, 2 FDK and equipped with HW removal switch. The stainless steel surface and rear cover are durable and has key-value customized software. Learn more »

ADA Compliance Adjustable Height Kiosk

Customized kiosk specially for disabled people usage, the kiosk height is adjustable via motorized auto lifter, it’s very easy going and popular self service kiosk terminal for many public areas such as bank, hospital, library, stations, shopping mall ,etc Learn more »

Banking Financial Service Payment Kiosk

Durable steel frame, Slim and smart design; Easy to install and operate; Moisture proof, Antirust, Anti-acid,Anti-dust, Static free, have color and LOGO upon request. Learn more »

Health Care Multi-functional Kiosk

The SK687A healthcare kiosk station is an interactive, self-service health-screening kiosk that empowers consumers with free and convenient access to healthcare tests. Learn more »

Sunson Tech Internet Series Kiosk SKT-N1004

SKT-N1004 Internet Series Kiosk is with diversified application in multiple installations, depending the software installed. Learn more »

Sunson Self Top-Up Kiosk SKT-E1002

SkT-E1002 Self Top-Up Kiosk is designed for indoor top up for Telco, utilities, retail, banking, internet service, education sectors, it significantly reduces queue and improve efficiency, the top-up kiosks accept payments such as cash, credit/debit card and personnel checks. Learn more »

Sunson Tech - SIM Card Dispense & Vending Kiosk SKT-D1015

The SIM Card dispense kiosk is an effective tool in boosting the revenueof Telecom companies, as it allows the customers to buy SIM cards and avail the services of their choice, simpley with the click of a button. Learn more »

Sunson Tech Hotel Check-In Kiosk SKT - D1003

The hotel check-in kiosk is more and more popular solution to complete the hotel reception desks. Clients can check-in to hotel quickly and easily.  Learn more »

Sunson Tech Self-Service Health Kiosk SKT-1007

These SKT-1007 kiosk are replacing the self-service blood pressure machines commonly found in pharmacies., which can perform a range of health screenings, from blood pressure and pulse rate and weight and SP02, as well as assess your risk for heart disease, calculate your body mass index offer friendly advice on diet, exercise habits, and an expanding list of health topics.  Learn more »

Pre-paid card utility Bill Payment Kiosk - SKT-D1076

Pre-paid card utility Bill Payment Kiosk for indoor installations. Learn more »

Ticket Dispensing Kiosk - SKT-D1066

Ticket Dispensing Kiosk for Indoor Installations. Learn more »

SIM Card Dispensing Kiosk - SKT-D1056

SIM Card Dispensing Kiosk for indoor installations. Learn more »

Pre-paid Card Dispensing Kiosk | Sunson Tech. Ltd

Prepaid Card Dispensing Kiosk for indoor installations. Learn more »

Healthcare Kiosk- SKT-1007B

Healthcare Kiosk for indoor installations.   Learn more »

Indoor Mobile Charging Kiosk- SKT-D1026

Indoor Mobile Phone Charging Kiosk Learn more »

Lobby Card Top-Up Kiosk- SKT-D1006

Lobby Card Top-Up kiosk for Indoor Installations Learn more »
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