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OptConnect’s OC-250 IP Only - All Inclusive Plan is the industry’s best wireless connectivity solution for ATM’s that can communicate via IP.  The Plan provides for no purchase costs, a low monthly connectivity rate, free 24x7 technical supports, ease of deployment, and lifetime warranty. 

OptConnect’s OC-250 IP Only – All Inclusive Plan is becoming the New Standard for wireless ATM connectivity for the current generation of retail ATMs that have WinCe or PC operating platforms.  

The OC-250 is a true "plug and play" solution allowing for simple and same-day ATM deployment, whereas landlines can encounter a number of delays and added costs.  The OC-250 is shipped preprogrammed and is fully compatible with most major ATM processors and retail ATM models (see complete listing under Compatibility tab below).
Installation as simple as 1, 2, 3...
1.    Plug it in to power
2.    Attach antenna to OC-250
3.    Connect ATM Phone cord to OC-250

The OC-250 is a highly secure and reliable wireless modem that connects over a nationwide wireless network and utilizes the latest standards for SSL encryption.  The OC-250 is proving to be an excellent solution for providing fast, secure and reliable financial transaction transmission.

The OC-250 IP Only - All Inclusive Plan provides the industry best lifetime warranty service and is included within the plan at no additional cost.  The warranty offers advance overnight replacement in the rare event of equipment failure. 

OptConnect provides free customer support from professional and qualified Customer Care technicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.  OptConnect consistently earns respect from existing customers for professionalism, service levels and value-added relationships, resulting in OptConnect having the highest marks in the industry for uptime and customer satisfaction.

The OC-250 is compatible with the following ATM Models and processors:

ATM Manufactures/Models:

  • Nautilus Hyosung: 1800CE, 1800SE, 2700CE, 5000CE, 5000XP, 5050CE, 5100T, 5300CE, 5300XP
  • Hantle (formerly Tranax):  1700W, C4000, C4000T, X4000, Genmega 1900
  • Triton: RL1600, RL2000, RL5000, RT2000, FT5000
  • NCR:  3100, 3300, 3400, 3600

ATM Processors:

Columbus Data Services (CDS)          

Data Stream (ASAI)

DNS (Money Tree)



First Data



Switch Commerce


Products and Services

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