GRG Banking is a leading high-tech company in financial self-service products, solution and service area, with headquarter office in Guangzhou, China. It's business covers many more areas, such as smart transportation solution, public security with AI technologies like biometrics identification, image and video analysis, big data, etc.


GRG Banking is a subsidiary of Guangzhou Radio Group (GRG) that was established in 1956. The Guangzhou Radio Group is a state owned organisation which ranks TOP100 IT companies in China. In 1999, GRG invested in the financial electronics field with Guangzhou government’s support and set up an independent innovation high-tech enterprise - GRG Banking, which began producing ATM of its own intellectual property rights.

In 2005, GRG Banking developed its own core module of cash recycler, which brought to its business a big success in China market and global market as well.

In 2007, GRG Banking was listed in the Shenzhen stock market of China.

Since 2008, GRG Banking took the first place of ATM market share in China, and keeps No.1 for the past 10 years until now.

On 1st Nov. 2010 the first Chinese ATM R&D Academy, GRG R&D Academy was founded by GRG Banking. So far, the GRG Banking ATM industry park has become the ATM manufacturing base with the largest ATM production capacity of the world.

In 2012 or 2013, GRG Banking released its most innovative product - Video Teller Machine (VTM) to the market, which was applied rapidly into many banks in Asia Pacific, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, etc, and also other area such as Turkey, Argentina, etc.

Since 2015, GRG Banking has begun its business transformation from an ATM manufacturer into many other areas such as smart transportation, public security, and invested into the R&D of biometrics identification and image and video technology and aim to become a successful AI technology based industry solution provider.

Now, GRG Banking owns more than 20,000 employees and business covers more than 80 countries.




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Products and Services

Cash Recycling Machine H68N Series

GRG H68N series are cutting-edge cash recyclers Learn more »

GRG Demos Innovative Solutions in the Cash Handling Show Africa 2015

March 10-11, 2015, GRGBanking joined the Cash Handling Show Africa 2015 in Johannesburg, South Africa, which is one of the largest events on cash handling. Thousands of visitors from not only South Africa, but the rest of Africa attended the event. Learn more »

Accessible and Cost Competitive - Retail ATM E300L

Featured with low cost of ownership, high visibility and easy accessibility, E300L is an ideal choice for any retail environment. Learn more »

Compact, Cost Effective—Lobby Cash Dispenser H22NL

A new generation versatile Cash Dispenser in a compact cost-effective footprint, which makes it one of the customers’ favorite models. Learn more »

Serve Versatile Demands—Full-function TTW ATM H38N

Featured with full function banking equipment, H38N performs as deposit and dispensing ATM. Learn more »

Serve Versatile Demands—Full function Lobby ATM H38NL

Featured with full function banking equipment, H38NL performs as deposit and dispensing  ATM. Learn more »

Facilitate Your Drive-up Banking—Full-function Drive-up ATM H46N

Self-contained and secure for the demands of drive-up banking. Learn more »

Provides Variety of Optional Functionalities—Banking Kiosk K20

With increasingly-growing demand of non-cash transactions, K20 with extensible space for variety of optional functionalities will not only make your virtual EFT dream tangible, but also make it be upgraded easily. Learn more »

Intelligent Cash Deposit Machine - P2801L

Designed for retailers as well as banking branches to automate and streamline the procedure of cash deposit, improve service efficiency and customer satisfaction. Learn more »

Small Footprint, High Performance - Cash Recycler H68NL

H68N/L is a new generation cash recycler equipped with intelligent cassette, and a common cash handling mechanism that dispenses and accepts cash with excellent price performance. Learn more »

Foreign Currency Exchange ATM - H38NL XDM

The H38NL, is the ideal solution for foreign exchange transactions with full-function ATM service. Learn more »

ATM Software - DACS-YDC/CATalyst

Multi-Vendor ATM Controlling System Learn more »

ATM Security Software

The Chinese White Wall: SECOne Learn more »

Network Monitoring Software

FEEL View Express and FEEL View Professional Learn more »

Network Processing

GRG offers several low cost solution software for network processing. Learn more »

Cash Processing Technology

GRG offers a wide range of cash processing modules: spray cash and bulk notes dispensers, a recycling module, a single note as well as a bundle note acceptor. Learn more »
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