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SWITCHWARE® is electronic payment software for ATM terminal driving, transaction switching, card management and more. The system adheres to the latest standards established by the PCI Security Standards Council (SSC) and is PA-DSS validated.


    • Transaction switching and authorization
    • ATM terminal driving and management, including remote key loading and deposit automation
    • POS acquiring plus merchant management and settlement
    • On-line core banking system interfacing
    • Debit card issuance and file management
    • Stand-in authorization
    • Interfaces to regional, national, and international EFT network interfacing
    • PCI DSS and PA-DSS Compliant
    • Card management including EMV smartcard acquiring and issuing
    • ATM/EFT network monitoring, including email and SMS alerts
    • Supports virtualized, high availability clustering and disaster recovery environments

      In a typical environment, SWITCHWARE provides in-house control of the ATM and POS network, an interface to one or more core banking/authorizing systems and connectivity to one or more regional, national or international EFT networks and ATM/debit card management. Other functions include interfacing to a hardware security module (HSM) for cryptographic functions, interface to applications such as CSFi Sentinel™ automated alert notification system, and FraudBlock™ fraud detection and protection system. Enhanced card management services (credit cards, pre-paid and stored value cards, fleet/petrol, gift, travel, etc.) are provided through an integrated interface to recommended third-party card management solutions. 

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      Products and Services

      Real-time Fraud Protection Systems

      CSFi’s FraudBlock™ and FraudBlock™ StandAlone (SA) solutions provide pro-active real-time and background (near-real time) fraud protection. Learn more »

      Online ATM and Debit Issuer System

      EZswitch® is a highly customizable middleware solution that provides a real-time interface between outsourced ATM/EFT network providers, and host core banking and authorization systems. The system may operate on either a CSFi supplied server or in a virtualized (VMware) environment.  Learn more »

      Web-based Clients

      G4 web-based software provides a new “thin-client” frontend system. The new “thin-client” system provides an entirely new look-and-feel for users interacting with SWITCHWARE® and EZswitch® and performing transaction research and system monitoring tasks. New G4 clients will take advantage of the latest technology for single sign-on support using LDAP or Active Directory.  Learn more »

      Quality Assurance Testing & Migration Services

      TotalCARE™ is a program that consists of using CSFi professional services to perform enhanced, customer-specific testing and software migration services. These services go beyond the scope of the quality assurance testing and software release methods of our standard CARE™ installation plan. Learn more »

      Alert Notification System

      Sentinel™ is the CSFi offering that provides automated, real-time alert notification based on the status and activity logs in SWITCHWARE® and sends them to users in an email and SMS message. Learn more »

      MIS Reporting System

      The MIS Reporting System is a separate system that interfaces with SWITCHWARE® Enterprise Transaction Processing and Management System to put critical management information right at your fingertips. Learn more »
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