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Over the past 40 years AF International have earned an enviable reputation as being THE specialist in I.T, office equipment and multimedia cleaning products. From its UK, China and Indian manufacturing sites, AF International manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of specialist products to over 55 countries worldwide.

Our brand new ATM and Point of Sale cleaning kits are packed full of highly effective products that will not only renovate external hardware but also overhaul the internal mechanisms of ATMs avoiding costly breakdowns. Our kits are portable, individual elements are easily replaceable and full instructions are included.

Products and Services


No longer will you have to scrub stubborn sticky substances from your ATMs.  Learn more »

Graffiti Remover

You never know when someone could vandalize your ATMs. Avoid the hassle with our specially formulated aerosol gel. Learn more »

Freezer Spray

A spray that helps aid the removal of stubborn substances.  Learn more »

Point of Sale POS and ATM Cleaning Kit

ATM/POS Kit (FPOSKIT) is a simple yet effective solution for general upkeep of POS and ATM machines to keep equipment in pristine condition. Learn more »

CardClene - Card Reader Cleaner Cards

Encoded Magnetic Cleaning Cards by AF International are designed to keep the sensitive pins clean in ATM machine card readers. Learn more »

Chip and Pin Device Cleaning Cards

CCP Cardclene cleaning cards are impregnated with cleaning solution to keep your chip and pin device running smoothly. Learn more »

CardClene Cash – Note machine cleaner

CardClene Cash are individually packaged cleaning cards designed to keep note readers and note dispensers clean and efficient. Learn more »

SprayDuster Zero - Eco Friendly Spray Duster

SprayDuster ZeroTM is a unique, environmentaly friendly active carbon spray duster. Learn more »

PlatenClene – Rubber Roller Cleaner and Restorer

Platenclene is a specialist cleaning product for the rubber feeder and print rollers inside machines. Learn more »

Multi-Screen Clene - screen cleaning wipes for any touch screen

Impregnated cleaning wipes for cleaning any touch screen device at POS / POS tablet device or ATM Machines. Learn more »
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