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Why consumers still love cash

With so many "more convenient" options available, why do people continue to rely on hard currency?

Taxation without representation: As bad an idea as ever

ISOs around the country purchase their ATMs and parts from a network of manufacturers and grey market suppliers on the web. The implementation of an internet sales tax on these transactions would increase costs and almost certainly end up decreasing competition.

How ATM deployers benefit from online real-time customer warehouse inventory

The Customer Warehouse Inventory (CWI) represents a new approach to ATM part inventory management.

Reflections on ATMIA US 2017

With a full slate of speakers, panels, exhibits and meetings, the annual ATM Industry Association conference once again offered the opportunity to stay abreast of developments in the global ATM industry. Here is what we learned at ATMIA this year.

ATM industry insights from the Fed's payment study

The Federal Reserve has released the sixth study in its series of triennial reports on payment trends in the United States. Though its focus is on noncash payments, the study does offer insights for the ATM industry.

It's a small world: How the ATM industry brought 3 friends together

Connections to the ATM industry — and a bit of serendipity — brought three women full circle from a tiny Catholic high school in New Orleans.

Never mind what you heard; millennials use cash

You can believe the Fed's latest report that says they do, or you can believe an endless parade of unscientific online polls that say otherwise.

EMV at the ATM: What you need to know

As every U.S. ATM operator should know by now, the deadlines for migrating to EMV are fast approaching.

Moving the immovable: 3 ways to migrate merchant ATMs to EMV

As a group, small merchants have been frustratingly obstinate about upgrading their ATMs for chip card transactions. But there are several ways to get them moving in the right direction.

Stars aligned: 4 reasons why cash could grow

Though its growth has stalled at 1–2 percent per year and rumors of its death persist, the stars may be aligned for a near-term explosion in demand for cash.

EMV liability shifts: A backward stampede by the networks? [Corrected]

As retailers file suit and legislators fire off letters of inquiry, the card brands seem to be mitigating the harsher aspects of their liability shifts. Could this change the game plan for deployers migrating their ATMs to EMV?

Single denomination ATM cash dispenser turns 30

Glory Global Solutions recently marked the 30th birthday of its single denomination dispenser. According to a press release, the company launched the device in 1986, and it has since become a "workhorse" in the U.S.

EMV Apocalypse Now

This year's EMV liability shifts will radically change the retail ISO landscape by 2018. How do we know? Because we've seen this movie before, played out in other mature post-EMV markets.

Why you should consider refurbishing old ATMs

This white paper explains very good business and environmental reasons why Independent ATM Deployers (IADs) should consider alternatives to replacing their older ATMs with new equipment.

Are the card schemes digging their own grave with the EMV liability shift?

Blinded by the financial windfall of offloading billions in fraud losses to their own customers, the card brands now face serious risks on a number of fronts.

Free guide: 'EMV at the ATM — The race to compliance'

A new reference guide from ATM Marketplace and Triton provides help to ATM deployers as they implement the hardware and software updates required for EMV compliance.

EMV at the ATM: The race to compliance

This report is intended to educate U.S.-based ATM deployers about the EMV migration process.

February's finest: The ATM Marketplace Top 5

A look at the most-read stories of the last 29 days.

Why EMV-compliant ATMs Need Anti-skimming Technology

Although the chip on an EMV card can’t be cloned, EMV cards will remain vulnerable to skimming as long as they contain magnetic stripes. So, as part of their migration to EMV, ATM deployers need to install EMV-compliant card readers that contain anti-skimming technology.

EMV experts to address ATM upgrade options at industry conference

An in-depth panel discussion at next week's ATMIA conference in New Orleans will focus on issues surrounding EMV migration for ATM deployers.

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