Auriga is a software solutions company, specialized in end-to-end systems that integrate the various delivery channels used in retail banking.

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Three things to think about when bringing chatbots in your bank

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic, and companies everywhere are exploring how this technology can help to enhance the customer experience. The banking software company Auriga has published a whitepaper to explain what the financial industry needs to keep in mind when implementing AI-powered chat bots.

Could bank cashiers soon be replaced by chatbots?

The article looks at the current impact of artificial intelligence, the opportunities for the future and the steps needed to get there.

WWS Business Analytics Management

WWS Business Analytics Management (WWS BAM) is the Data Analytics application module of the WWS software suite.

WWS Cash Management

WWS Cash Management is an effective and efficient multivendor and multichannel solution by Auriga that allows banks to manage the end-to-end cash management process, increasing self-service availability and reducing the cash procurement costs for all cash points, inside and outside the branch (ATMs, ASDs, TARMs, TCRs).

WWS Customer Management

WWS Customer Management is an exciting extension of the robust and proven WWS Branch suite that fully streamlines the consumer’s in-branch banking experience.

Unlocking the potential of self-service with smart ATMs

There needs to be a major change of mindset within many banks about the greater role that ATMs can play in improving customer experience and services. The current position tends to be too rigidly fixed on offering a limited set of services and reducing operating cost.


Ad oggi, sono poche le banche che adottano una strategia digitale realmente integrata. Tuttavia, molte di loro stanno pianificando oppure già stanno lavorando per superare un’impostazione verticale divisa “per silos”, andando verso un sistema omnicanale. Il presente articolo offre uno sguardo sul panorama odierno della omnicanalità in banca.

Briser les silos : objectif omnicanal

Bien que la plupart des institutions financières opèrent sur plusieurs canaux de distribution et offrent une large gamme de services, peu ont à ce jour adopté et déployé une vraie stratégie omnicanal. En voici un aperçu avec quelques résultats clés.

Seamless statt Silos: Omnichannel Banking in Zahlen

Wenige Finanzinstitute setzen ein einziges integriertes Managementsystem ein. Jedoch wären die meisten es gern und viele gerade Pläne erarbeiten um Omnichannel-Systeme zu implementieren. Eine von Auriga gesponserte Infografik bietet einen Überblick über die aktuelle Situation des Omnichannel Banking, in Zahlen.

2017 ATM Future Trends

Now in its fifth edition, this bi-annual report looks at the competitive, economic and technologic forces shaping the ATM industry.


Il reste encore à ce jour un long chemin à parcourir avant que les banques puissent affirmer avoir une stratégie digitale vraiment intégrée.

From siloed to seamless: Omnichannel banking by the numbers

Few financial institutions are operating on a truly omnichannel model. But most would like to be and many are making plans to get there. Here's a look at the omnichannel retail banking landscape, by the numbers.

INFOGRAFIK: Einsatz eines omnichannel Management- und Marketingsystems

Der Weg ist noch weit, bevor Banken behaupten können, eine integrierte Digitalstrategie umzusetzen.


Ad oggi, sono poche le banche che dichiarano di adottare una strategia digitale realmente integrata.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Adopting an Omnichannel Management and Marketing System

There remains a long way to go before banks can claim to be delivering a truly integrated digital strategy.

The Internet of Things in the world of banking: potential or reality?

Auriga has launched its latest White Paper on the Internet of Things and its impact on the world of banking. The White Paper asks whether the Internet of Things is already a reality and highlights its huge estimated value of $14.4 trillion by 2022.

Omnichannel Marketing for Financial Institutions: An Industry Guide

ATM Marketplace surveyed financial institutions, (FIs) worldwide and conducted detailed interviews with leading European and North American FIs and consultants to to better understand FIs' preferences in omnichannel marketing systems.

The challenge of digital transformation: Farewell to the traditional bank branch?

Is it time to say goodbye to the traditional bank branch? The phrase “branch of the future” is more popular than ever and in their latest White Paper, Auriga discuss what this means exactly in the context of the reduction of the number of branches in Western Europe.

It is clear cash is here to stay, but banks need to improve their offering

As banks look to reduce costs wherever they can, they are removing branch staff and replacing them with ATMs and ASDs/ASSTs (Assisted Self-Service Devices/Assisted Self-Service Terminals). But just as important as lowering costs is customer loyalty, which is driven by customer service.

Smart ATMs: Getting the Most from Your ATMs

Are banks getting the most from their ATMs? Many institutions fail to take full advantage of the existing ATM infrastructure, though ATMs will continue to be the primary interface between people and their banks. Ensuring that this “old-fashioned” channel provides better customer experience is vital and can be done through Smart ATMs.

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