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Paul Hardy’s ‘How To’ Guide | Preventing ATM Breakdowns

Paul Hardy’s ‘How To’ Guide | Preventing ATM Breakdowns

As the saying goes, “Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves..…”. Surprisingly, this concept can also relate to ATM and card cleaning maintenance too; if you invest a little on maintenance you will reap the rewards in the long run. Much of the built up dust and grime is hidden from view but can cause costly breakdowns, paying havoc with your profits! Try my 5 point ‘how to’ guide in order to prevent card reader breakdowns:  

Card Reader

Thousands of cards pass through ATMs attracting a build-up of dirt and grime that most users are completely unaware of. Over a period of time this accumulated material will cause some annoying breakdowns and delays.

Using an IPA impregnated cleaning card will freshen up mechanics of the card reader, removing grime residues onto the cleaning card.

Paul’s Tip! Remember to use an encoded card to ensure that the ATM draws in the cleaning card correctly.


Sticking keys could be due to build-up of grease and grime and even skin particles….

Banish a build-up of grime from keys with a powerful foaming surface cleaner and cloth. For stubborn areas try a sprayduster to blast out dirt from hard to reach areas.

Cash Dispenser

Improve cash dispenser sustainability by using an IPA impregnatedcash cleaning card to keep the dispenser free from dirt.

Paul’s Cash Fact! On average, one £20 note exchanges 2,328 times.

Printer Heads

Thermal printer heads can easily become faulty with burnt residue. Regular use of a non-flammable, rubber roller restorer will quickly resolve the problem.


Remove unwanted greasy fingerprints from touch screens with a multi-screen cleaner and lint free cloth.

Paul’s Tip! As technology evolves, touch screens are becoming increasingly popular. Always ensure that your screen cleaner is suitable for the type of screen that you wish to clean.

In an era where cash is deemed king, card usage is also on the increase. Remember to treat card reader and cash dispensing equipment like royalty, with an effective and regular cleaning regime from AF International.

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