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Card Cleaning - The Definitive ‘How To’ Avoid Costly Breakdowns

So how much do you know about card cleaning and the importance of regular maintenance? It may be something that you do not really consider until you experience a hefty, and unexpected breakdown cost. Did you know card reader equipment usage is only set to rise in the future? For example, 75% of retail spending is now through card payment in the UK. Here at AF International we have produced many individual guides looking at the best way to clean screens or blast dust from our keyboards and thought that a definitive guide focussing on card reader equipment would be interesting. After all, if we really think about it - where is card reader equipment used? Retailers, hospitality industry, parking meters, ATMs, self-service checkouts and many more outlets – the list and potential is practically unlimited…. Unfortunately, the potential for breakdowns is also unlimited. So where do I start – a definitive list of the most frequently asked questions seems to be the most logical point.

1. My chip and pin machine doesn’t always read customer cards and multiple tries are often required. How can I resolve this?

AF Cardclene is a pack of 20 impregnated cards, ideal for chip and pin use. Easy and convenient to use, regular maintenance becomes a simple process. Simply insert the IPA impregnated card into the card reader to remove built up dust and grime.

2. My receipt printer rollers often leave ink unprofessional ink stains on receipts.  How can I prevent this?

This is a common problem and very easy to resolve. AF Platenclene spray dissolves ink stains on thermal printer roller heads.

3. Hotel rooms often appear to have faulty key cards. What causes this?

Airborne dust and grime collects in card readers easily and this build up can cause breakdowns. AF Cardclene can remove built up dirt and grime that can be forgotten until it causes a breakdown. Regular maintenance ensures clean readers that work first time, every time.

4. Permanent ink and graffiti often defaces the surface of external ATM machines. Can I remove this or is it a permanent fixture?

AF Graffiti Remover Gel easily removes all forms of ink from a variety of surfaces safely, including painted metalwork glass and plastic.

5. My receipt printer jams regularly causing wastage of receipt rolls and inconvenience to customers? How can I avoid this?

AF Platenclene is a non-flammable a rubber roller restorer which restores grip and flexibility which can reduce paper jams when used regularly.

6. I’m interested in quality products but also cost effectiveness. Do AF produce any multi-use products?

Cash dispensers are used multiple times and AF Cardclene Cash benefits from multiple use also. A pack 100 individual note sized cleaning cards that can be used up to 5 times for effective results.

7. Some areas are very difficult to clean and contain trapped dust and grime causing machine breakdowns. Is there an easy solution to clean hard to reach areas?

The AF Sprayduster range is the answer. Designed to tackle hard to reach areas quickly with a powerful blast it ensures every area is tackled.

8. Our self-service checkouts build up a lot of daily dirt from groceries and products passing over the scanners. I need to clean the surface of a number of payment stations. What should I use?

This is something that be easily incorporated into the maintenance regime. AF Foamclene is a powerful multi surface foam cleaner designed to lift grease and dirt easily.

9. Does AF offer an all-round, refillable kit ATM cleaning available for convenience?

Yes there are two options. ATM/POS kit or the Ultimate ATM/POS kit that has everything to cover the maintenance of card reader equipment, screens, surfaces, printers and more.

10. Do AF manufacture a solution to clean the screen of my Point Of Sale (POS) units?

We would recommend AF Multi-Screen clean solution as an all-rounder that will remove built up greasy fingerprints to leave a fresh screen for customers to view clearly.

11. I have a non-standard size card reader what are my maintenance options? 

AF understand that card reader equipment comes in all shapes and sizes. AF offer bespoke sized cleaning cards so that all card reader maintenance options are considered. Often customers perceive that they are ‘trapped’ with current suppliers due to bespoke sizing, but this is simply untrue. AF can produce cleaning cards to meet all specific requirements.

12. My ATMs have chewing gum deposits stuck on the external surface which I need to remove as soon as possible. Does AF have a solution for this problem?

This can make ATMs look very unappealing. Luckily there is a solution in the AF Freezer Spray. A powerful non corrosive spray that freezes unwanted residue to easily leave a clean finish./p>

13. I have lots of unwanted stickers on the surface of my ATMs and parking meters. Is there an easy way to remove these?

Yes, labels and stickers can be easily removed with AF Label Remover. It is available in an aerosol spray with brush applicator or a pen.  A simple spray soaks off stubborn labels and stickers quickly leaving no residue.

I think you will agree that card cleaning as a process is useful across many different industries and regular maintenance is vital in the prevention of costly breakdowns.  Bespoke size options, convenient and easy to use products - there are too many advantages to miss.

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