Webinar: What U.S. financial institutions need to know about EMV

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Feb. 17, 2012

With debit and credit cards continuing to make attractive targets for criminals, financial institutions have to continuously evolve their fraud-fighting methods to ward off a variety of attacks. Whether it is ATM card skimming, counterfeit cards, malware or any number of other fraud tactics that create a threat, debit and credit cards are under assault. One method for combating card skimming and fraud at the ATM and during a point-of-sale transaction is the use of EMV chip-based cards.
EMV is the global standard for credit and debit cards based on embedded chip card technology developed by Europay, Mastercard and Visa. Recent announcements made by MasterCard and Visa are aimed at accelerating the adoption of EMV technology in the United States.

In this webinar sponsored by Diebold, you will learn:

  • EMV technology background information
  • Security benefits of implementing EMV
  • Factors to consider before migrating to EMV

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Companies: Diebold, Incorporated

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