Webinar - PCI DSS: Not a Race to Compliance but an Ongoing Journey

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Sept. 15, 2010

According to industry research, payment card fraud is at an all-time high, affecting 11.1 million adults at a cost of $54 billion.
Establishing a comprehensive, multilayered security framework that protects sensitive consumer data must be a high priority for financial institutions. Security threats are becoming increasingly aggressive, making it more important than ever that financial institutions comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).
This webinar will also discuss why compliance with the standard should be viewed as an integral operational component on an ongoing basis, rather than the overarching goal.
The discussion will cover:

  • The benefits of developing and deploying a comprehensive, integrated security infrastructure that also meets PCI DSS and other regulatory requirements
  • The importance of regarding the PCI DSS as a framework for the optimal security approach
  • What research tells us about the nature of data breaches, today and into the future
  • How choosing the right partner for the design and integration of a PCI compliant security framework helps streamline vendor management

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