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Webinar - Financial Services Outsourcing: Five Steps to a Successful Partnership

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Nov. 20, 2012

Financial institutions are relying on their outsourcing partners more than ever before to be strategic partners and deliver guidance on best practices to be more efficient, meet industry compliance standards and enhance customer service. Outsourcing partners need to know how to manage change regarding both security and compliance, and how to serve as a single point of contact for all outsourcing needs. 

This webinar will highlight the strategic services needed for long-term success in the areas of:
     •    Compliance
     •    Competitiveness
     •    Profitability

Diebold, Incorporated

As a global technology leader and innovative services provider, Diebold delivers the solutions that enable financial institutions to improve efficiencies, protect assets and better serve consumers. Through vision, collaboration and thought leadership, Diebold develops hardware, software and award-winning services that enables financial institutions to meet and exceed the evolving needs of its customers.

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