Webinar: Deposit Automation - Steps to a Successful Implementation

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April 26, 2012

The number of deposit automation terminals installed worldwide continues to increase as a result of the value they offer for today’s convenience-seeking consumers.
To maximize their return-on-investment, financial institutions must take steps to ensure a successful implementation of deposit automation technology. Deposit automation significantly changes the transaction from the consumer’s perspective, so it’s imperative to include adoption marketing as part of an overall deposit automation implementation strategy. Financial institutions that are committed to creating positive consumer experiences will realize significant return on their self-service investment.
Content will cover:

  • The business case for adopting deposit automation technology
  • Transaction analysis to maximize operational efficiencies and attract new customers
  • Solution selection in identifying the most appropriate deposit automation technology
  • Successful deposit automation adoption tactics through consumer education, incentives and defined goals and tracking
  • Employee preparation in deposit automation implementation

Topics: Branch Transformation , Deposits / Check 21 , Webinars

Companies: Diebold, Incorporated

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