Webinar: Combating Fraudulent Redemption at the ATM

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Oct. 5, 2011

Financial institutions around the world face increasing pressure from rapidly growing risks, threats and compliance mandates related to the security of their ATM fleets.
Skimming is one of the most widespread and organized crimes detected at the ATM. Bank cards use a magnetic stripe to store information to identify the customer and a personal identification number (PIN) to authenticate and allow transactions at an ATM. Unfortunately, the magnetic stripe information is simple to copy and counterfeit. As a result, thieves have focused on various methods of collecting this information.
This webinar will provide targeted information that will discuss critical ATM threats and the fraudulent redemption that occurs due to ATM security breaches.

Presenters will cover:

  • Industry trends on cardholder data threats
  • Analysis of each point of vulnerability in an ATM transaction
  • Discussion of various forms of redemption technology and its adoption in the U.S. market as it relates to ATM security
  • Best practices in cardholder security through a comprehensive security program

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